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Sailboat Mattress

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Enjoy the comforts of a real latex, memory foam, or traditional foam mattress on your boat with one of our custom made boat mattresses! You can select from genuine PostureSense memory foam, Natural Latex, an all natural foam used in our organic mattresses, or our traditional sailboat mattress foam. Boat mattresses made from any of these premium foams can be constructed with a firm supportive base layer that offers proper spinal support, and a softer contouring top “comfort” layer that increases circulation, resulting in a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. These foam mattresses come with excellent warranties and can last 20 years or more without losing firmness or forming depressions.

We can help you design and customize a boat mattress that will offer years of comfort and deep sleep. The thickness of a boat mattress is often restricted to 4"–6" (10–15 cm) and will often serve the dual purposes of sleeping and sitting. Therefore, the best performing, and most comfortable, option involves the combination of a firm, supportive base layer that is usually 3" (8 cm) topped with a comfort layer of 2"–3" of higher quality softer foam. At your request, we will bond the layers together to prevent shifting.

If your boat mattress is too hard or just old and in need of some upgrading, try one of our high quality, comfortable foam toppers. We can customize any standard sized mattress topper for an extra $10–$25 labor (simply make this request by using the “Add comments” link found in the shopping cart). This cut-to-size option is important since it is often less expensive to order a standard sized foam cut down to size. This particularly applies to our natural latex foam and memory foam toppers. If you are unsure of the best option, please contact us. We are happy to help you create the most economical solution.

Sailboat Mattress
custom boat mattress

Sunbrella Spectrum Dove #48032-0000 with matching cording (larger image)

custom boat mattress

Sunbrella Spectrum Dove #48032-0000
with matching cording (larger image)

Price Quotes & Ordering:

To generate a quote, all you need are your dimensions and to pick (click on) a shape below.

Keep reading below for more great information on making a wonderful boat mattress. If you have questions or need help, please call one of our product specialists at (415) 503-1188 to help assist you in building the boat mattress of your dreams!

About Our Foams:

Latex is a certified 100% natural boat mattress foam and resistant to mold and mildew. Memory foam is a great top layer for comfort but needs to be used with firm bottom foam for support. Both memory foam and conventional foam cost less than natural latex, but are synthetically derived byproducts from oil.

Memory Foam Comfort Layer

Boat Mattress Hinge:

Boat mattress V berths often need a hinge to allow easy access to the storage below. Our bi-fold hinge mattress provides a simple solution. Our more luxurious hinge option is a quilted top that covers the split in the foam beneath.

Marine Mattress
Quilted Top Hinge
Folding Marine Mattress
Simple Hinge Boat Mattress
Simple Fabric Hinge

Preparing a Pattern Shape:

Most cushions do not require a pattern if they match one of the shapes above. However, if you want us to design a mattress to fit your boat, you will need to prepare a pattern for us to work from. Take a minute and review how your existing cushions look. This is your chance to correct any gaps and make improvements. Using pattern paper or fabric, simply cut the pattern to the exact size desired. A pattern drawn with precision will result in a more exact fitting cushion. Please indicate the top of the pattern by writing “This side up.” Indicate which side(s) should be used for zipper placement and stripe direction. Large v berths and cushions should have a zipper on three sides to make it easier to insert the foam cushion. We recommend placing the zipper on the side facing the boat hull, not under the cushion. This placement hides the zipper from view and prevents it from buckling.

To place an order, all you need are the largest dimensions (thickness, length, and width) from your old boat mattress or custom shape. Enter the dimensions into our pattern shape.

Beveled Edges:

We have the ability to bevel the edge of your boat mattress to match the contour of your boat. Enter the dimensions of the top (larger dimensions). Read our directions for a beveled edge ...

Beveled Sailboat Mattress

Save Money on Your V-Berth Boat Mattress:

You can cut foam for a v-berth mattress using less foam. If you were to simply cut your boat mattress pattern from a large block of foam it would look like this. We sell foam by volume, so using less foam will cost less.

V-Berth Mattress

You can save foam and cost by laying the v-berth mattress pattern out like this. You must use the larger top pattern if there is a bevel. The center cut out will be seamed together. Separate each half of the v-berth mattress pattern by 1.5".


In this example, the finished cut marine mattress foam looks like this. You can see a bevel was done as well.

Sailboat V-berth
V-Berth Mattress
Sailboat V-berth

Prevent Wrinkles in the Cover:

Fabrics commonly found on older boats were so heavy that you didn’t need to worry about visible wrinkles in the material. New fabrics, such as Sunbrella® and Suede, are thinner and show wrinkles. Read about ways to reduce wrinkles ...

Ventilate Your Boat Mattress:

Add a layer of polyester batting to the bottom of the foam to add a layer of ventilation. This will help prevent the growth of mold. You can select this option during the process.

Mattress Fabric Choices:


Sunbrella® is our most popular marine mattress fabric line. Sunbrella® is not susceptible to fading and comes in wonderful upholstery textures like chenille, jacquard, linen, and canvas. Browse this line by choosing a shape above and entering sizes.

Double Knit:

This fabric is thick and soft, and feels like boat mattress material should. It is a machine-washable, poly/cotton blended fabric called a double knit. It is so thick that it will help hide the split if you need a hinge in your berth. We sew matching Sunbrella® to the bottom and hull side of each cover. It will not form a body depression or dip over time.

Boat Mattress Fabric

Boat Mattress Maintenance:

Boat interiors are frequently moist. This moisture gets trapped between your mattress and the platform below. To help avoid problems with mold or mildew, air your mattresses or cushions outside in the sun every couple of days, but don’t remove the covers.

When you are not using your boat, store your mattresses vertically in the aisle. For added protection, you can sprinkle anti-fungal powder (found at most drug stores to treat conditions like athletes foot) on the platforms below your boat mattress, as well as on the bottom side of your marine mattress.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Most foams may be exchanged if you don’t like the density you have chosen. See exact details during checkout.

Decorative Cording:

While ordering your boat mattress, you’ll have the option to add cording. For the 2- and 3-piece v berth consider adding the comment: “cording should go on the edges and not the center pieces.” You may feel the cording in the middle if it’s present.


Other Notes about Boat Mattresses: