Upgrade Your Living Room: A Guide to Replacement Couch Cushions

Before you consider taking out a loan to buy expensive replacements for your saggy, old living room furniture, consider the cost-saving option of replacing your couch and chair cushions. The replacement cushion experts at FoamOrder offer this free guide to replacement cushions.

Upgrade your living room without replacing furniture with this simple, affordable alternative: replace those old, uncomfortable cushions on your sofa. (Ditto for old chair cushions.)

Saggy, lumpy old cushions can detract from the looks of your upholstered furniture. New cushions can plump up your furniture to help make that sofa look new again. And, replacing just the foam and not the entire piece of furniture is much more eco-friendly. Your entire couch won’t end up in the landfill!

The experts at FoamOrder.com offer these smart tips for choosing the right replacement cushions for your sofa and other upholstered furniture.

Select the Right Shape

Are those old, saggy cushions shaped like a square or rectangle? Do you need to replace T-shaped cushions (or curved T-shape cushions) or wedged window seat cushions? Are your cushions in another pattern shape? The first step is finding a vendor that can provide the correct shape for you. FoamOrder offers over 30 shapes to select from… and, if you can’t find the right shape we allow you to send in a pattern that we can cut to.

Measure for Size

Measure the size and dimensions of each cushion – but not the old foam. That’s because the old foam is often squished or otherwise deformed from use. Measure between seams with the old foam still inside. It sounds tricky, which is why you can consult this free guide to measuring for replacement cushions from the pros at FoamOrder.

A wooden couch frame with blue cushions and blue striped pillows.

Choose the Right Replacement Foam

Order the right replacement foam, or you’ll end up with saggy, uncomfortable saggy seat cushions again. At FoamOrder, you can choose durable high-resiliency (HR), polyurethane foam, as well as our standard quality Econoflex foam for cushions that get less use. Or, go organic with all-natural latex couch cushion foam.

Do You Need Replacement Fabric?

If you need replacement fabric, consult the original specs for your couch, chairs or upholstered window seating. Or, have the old cushion covers professionally cleaned for a new look to go with your new couch cushions. For outdoor furniture, we recommend Sunbrella™, the industry standard for weather and stain-resistant fabric.

Never Turn Down Free Advice

You don’t even have to get up from those saggy couch cushions to get free advice online about how to replace them. But first, consider the source.

Replacing your couch cushions is a great way to upgrade your living room without breaking the bank. With the right size, material, color, and firmness, you can create a space that looks and feels amazing. You’ll want to consult online guides from respected industry professionals like FoamOrder, which has been collecting industry accolades since opening in 1999. At FoamOrder.com, you can call or email our in-house replacement foam pros. Or, use the free chat feature for fast, trusted answers.

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