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With its lightweight construction, ease of use, flexibility and affordable pricing, EVA foam has become popular for DIY cosplay outfits and props. People use it for everything from masks to giant robot outfits for their events and conventions. Since the material is durable and comfortable, you can use your EVA foam cosplay pieces many times.

Foamsmithing, as it’s become known, can seem challenging if you’re new to cosplay or making your own costumes. But with a little practice, you can make a dream costume with EVA foam in no time! Here are five tips on using EVA foam for cosplay from the foam experts at

1. Start with the Basics

You may have heard veteran cosplayers talk about using foam clay, pre-cut bevels, wood burners and other fancy supplies. Although these things are great for experienced cosplayers, they aren’t necessary to get started. All you need is a sheet of EVA foam, a knife or scissors, adhesive/glue, paint, sealant and basic safety equipment. You don’t even need a heat gun — in a pinch, you can heat foam using a stovetop for forming and sealing.

2. Get Larger Sheets and Rolls of EVA Foam

We encourage ordering big EVA foam sheets for your supply closet. (Our standard sheets are 40" x 80", and custom cut sizes are available upon request.) It will be easier to cut armor, shields and other large costume pieces from a single sheet rather than trying to glue smaller bits together. It’s also more economical to buy large sheets, and once you’ve cut the large items, you can use the scraps for things like masks and jewels. At FoamOrder, we offer EVA in sheet thicknesses from ⅛" to 4", giving you full flexibility to make the costume of your dreams!

Two cosplayers wearing DIY costumes

3. Use Patterns and Mock-Ups

Before you cut a single costume piece, you should know exactly what you’re trying to make. Purchase paper patterns or make them yourself so you know the item’s target size and shape. You also should use an extra set of patterns to “mock-up” the design. This way, you’ll have a point of reference when cutting and gluing. It also lets you practice connecting the pieces before doing it for real. If desired, you can order your EVA foam from FoamOrder custom cut to a pattern or any shape and dimension.

4. Plan and Order Ahead

If you know you have a big project coming up or notice you’re running low on certain supplies, order them as soon as possible. By purchasing bulk cosplay supplies in advance, you’ll pay a lot less per item than getting things at the last second from a local store. At, we offer discounts when you buy 10 or more EVA cosplay sheets at once, helping you save money on costume projects.

5. Keep Your Scraps Sorted

Scrap EVA foam can come in very useful — if you’re able to find the right piece when you need it. Get some bags or containers to sort your leftover EVA foam based on size, thickness, etc. That way, when you need to make a smaller item like elf ears, you can quickly find a scrap piece that will work instead of having to cut up your large sheets.

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