The Benefits of Closed Cell Foam: Why It’s Perfect for Insulation

Closed-cell foam, by definition, is ideal for insulation. The sealed cells on closed-cell foam seal out air, water, heat and cold, and dust. Learn the benefits of closed-cell foam with this free guide from the industry pros at

Because of the sealed cells on what we call closed-cell foam, this type of foam seals off air and water from penetrating equipment, walls or furnishings. It’s a high-value insulation material.

Here are different types of closed-cell foam:

EVA Foam

The letters EVA stand for ethylene-vinyl acetate in EVA co-polymer foam. EVA foam is softer (with a density of 2.0 lb/ft³), and more rubbery than other closed-cell foams, which makes it ideal for a range of uses ranging from indoor exercise mats and hot tub insulation to boat decks, surfboards and DIY Cosplay materials. FoamOrder can cut EVA foam to any size, and we offer material in thicknesses from ⅛" up to 4" thick.

Cross-Poly Foam

Polyethylene foam is firmer and more rigid than EVA foam, which makes high-density cross-poly foam popular for knee pads, packaging and a variety of industrial uses. Cross-poly has a density of 6.0 lb/ft³, providing a firm foundation for machinery, or for use with heavy industrial needs. offers sheets in thicknesses from ⅛" up to 2".

Close-up of closed-cell foam

Flotex Foam

Flotex foam has a medium-firm consistency. You are likely most familiar with its use in yoga mats. Certified by ULC for flotation, this foam is a popular choice for boat cushions and life preservers. FoamOrder offers Custom Flotex Foam in shapes and thicknesses you want, and DIY Flotex closed-cell foam by the sheet. At FoamOrder we offer Flotex in sheets with thickness from ⅛" up to 4".

Volara Foam

Volara foam is a cross-linked polyethylene closed-cell foam that is flexible, with a soft, smooth surface. You’ll see it used as packaging material, as food service insulation, and as a lining for shelves, drawers or display cases. This versatile closed-cell foam also is a popular choice for some medical equipment and hot tub covers. FoamOrder offers Volara in thicknesses of ⅛" up to ½".

Other Benefits of Insulating Closed-Cell Foam

In addition to sealing out water, air and dust, closed-cell foam also prevents mold and mildew growth. It absorbs energy, which is why you’ll see it used in work site helmets and smartphones for shock absorption benefits. It won’t shrink, either.

Closed cell foam is an excellent choice for insulation. It has a high R-value, is highly durable, and requires little maintenance. It’s also easy to install and cost-effective. All of these benefits make it the perfect choice for insulation. Find every kind of affordably priced closed-cell foam for insulation and other uses at For even more savings, visit the Clearance Page at FoamOrder.

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