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At FoamOrder, we sell upholstery foam cut to size and standard-stock upholstery foam sheets (custom-cut available) in a range of qualities and firmnesses. All the upholstery foam sold on this page is certified flame-retardant free except Rebond. If you require flame-retardant upholstery foam, visit our F.R. Foam page. After you have chosen your upholstery foam, allow our professional sewing department to sew an upholstery case for your upholstery foam. The option for custom-cut upholstery is available by choosing the shape below that best fits your project.

Custom upholstery foam

Types of Upholstery Foam

The upholstery foam you need depends on how you want your cushions to feel. At FoamOrder, we offer different types of upholstery foam to meet your needs.

We have

  • Poly foam — Medium firm and suggested for furniture that is only used occasionally.
  • Super soft foam — Soft foam and suggested for couch-backing cushions.
  • HD36 foam regular — Medium foam that can be used for most cushion applications.
  • HD36 foam high-quality — Same medium feel as the regular option but better-suited to heavily used furniture.

Our upholstery foam options also come in high-density and low-density varieties.

Upholstery foam sheets

Upholstery Foam Sheets

Upholstery Foam Sheets
Intend­ed Use:

All dimensions will be rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch (approximately 3 mm).

Choose from 15 different densities. Enter the thickness for a price quote.

Thickness should be between 3/8" and 30" (1–76 cm).

The price quote page will show the sheet widths and lengths that are available, the types of foam you can order, and prices for each.

Attention upholsterers and workrooms, get up to 25% off when you set up a wholesale account!

High-Density Foam

The more dense the foam is, the longer it should last. For furniture that is frequently used or in high-traffic areas, you want high-density foam.

Low-Density Foam

Low-density foam should be used for cushions that are part of a frame, such as back-of-the-couch cushions or padding on the arms of the couch or chair.

Foam by Mail

If you need foam for any type of cushioning project, FoamOrder is here to help. You can order foam, covers, and more and have them sent straight to you. Who knew buying upholstery foam by mail would be so easy? Here are some ordering options we offer.

You can learn more about our cushion offerings here.

Do-It-Yourself Seats and Cushions

If you’d like to tackle cushions yourself, order your custom-cut upholstery foam from our team then make the cushion covers in your own home. If you are doing the entire project by yourself from start to finish, we recommend these options for your upholstery foam.

Foam Types for Seats and Cushions

We offer a variety of different foam types, depending on the project you’re doing. Our foam types include:

Resources for Home Seating/Tips for DIY

Upholstery foam layers can be combined to make a very cozy cushion. For example, if you need 6" of upholstery foam, order 3" of memory foam and 3" of our V34 grade upholstery foam. This will make a luxuriously soft cushion that won’t bottom out beneath the seated weight of a 175-pound person. We can custom cut this for you!

Why Foam Is Ideal for Seats and Cushions

Foam is ideal for cushioning because of its customizability. You get to choose the exact thickness, firmness, and support you want from one simple product. Foam also holds shape well and is durable, meaning your cushions should last for a long time.

Custom-Cut Upholstery Foam

We cut to size. For an instant quote, click the shape that resembles the shape you need.

How long will my Upholstery Foam last?

You get what you pay for with upholstery foam. The more expensive the upholstery foam/upholstery foam sheets, the longer the upholstery foam/upholstery foam sheets will last. You don’t need high-quality upholstery foam for a seating area that doesn’t get used, while a sofa for watching “the game” will need top-quality upholstery foams. Our experience has shown us that most upholstery foams/upholstery foam sheets will break in and soften up to about 20% over time — if under heavy use, after 6 months to 1 year.

Despite this warning, we still don’t recommend that you order the next firmer upholstery foam grade. If your upholstery foam is too firm, you may never sit in it and the upholstery foam/upholstery foam sheets may never soften. One way to construct a long-lasting upholstery foam cushion is to use our rebond upholstery foam. This grade of upholstery foam (rebond upholstery foam) has proven not to soften with time. Rebond upholstery foam has three times the quality and weight of other upholstery foams. You may need to make the bottom half of the upholstery foam cushions out of rebond foam and the top half out of softer upholstery foam to create the perfect comfort. In these circumstances, wrap the entire upholstery foam cushion in our polyester upholstery foam batting.

Custom-Cut and Sewing Services

Because we do our upholstery in-house (custom-cut upholstery, or just plain old upholstery), we have become a one-stop custom-cut cushion paradise. Our professional upholstery can make any custom-cut cushion look amazing. Catering to your needs, we can make custom cut upholstery to fit your desires, including custom sewn upholstery foam, or just provide special upholstery foam for you to do your upholstery on your own.

Upholstery here comes in a variety of options. You could even send us your upholstery fabric and have us custom cut and sew it into a professional-looking upholstery job. To send us your fabric, see our custom sewing section. We offer upholstery and also run an upholstery supply store — Rostov Upholstery Supplies. Talk about upholstery galore!

Get Custom Cushions

Cutting upholstery foam
Making upholstery foam cushions

Need Upholstery Supplies and Tools?

Visit our sister site for upholstery supplies, upholstery tools, or a button machine.

Get 75 pages of FREE upholstery instruction with every purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure my cushion?

You can follow our helpful measuring guide here. You can also consult with our team if you need additional upholstery foam measuring help.

Is there a difference between density and firmness?

Yes, there is! Density is the overall mass of the foam as a solid cube. Foam with higher density is typically higher quality.

For firmness, foam is tested by how much weight it takes for the foam to fully compress. The more weight it takes, the firmer the foam is.

What should I look for when purchasing upholstery foam?

Upholstery foam varies depending on the piece you are working on. However, the three factors you should consider are comfort, support, and durability. Upholstery foam should be comfortable enough for the cushion while still providing enough support for sitting. Higher-quality foam has longer durability than other options.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Most upholstery foam sheets and custom cuts may be returned less a 25% restocking fee. See our short contract terms during the checkout process.