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What to Know Before Buying Polyethylene Foam

Available in both sheets and rolls (by-the-yard) variations, polyethylene foam is rigid with very little give. Its firm structure makes it a popular material for packaging, knee pads, industrial applications and more. Its heavy density creates a high compression resistance, further adding to the foam’s durability.

Polyethylene Foam, Cross-Linked – 5.8-lb density EVA foam sheet

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam
Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam
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Custom-Cut Polyethylene Foam

We’ll cut your Polyethylene Foam to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re searching for Polyethylene foam in simple square pieces or custom pattern shapes, you can select any of the options below.

*Due to the nature of this specialized foam, we cannot cut custom sizes in some dimensions. We won’t charge your credit card until we make your order. We are unable to cut cylinders and wedges deeper that 4" without a seam (we can glue them up).

How to Use Polyethylene

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The firmness of polyethylene foam makes it useful as a packaging tool to protect important items during transportation. It helps with shock absorption for fragile items like electronics, as well as heavy machinery.

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Industrial Applications

Polyethylene foam sheets fit perfectly for industrial uses, with chemical and moisture resistance, strong insulation ability and high shock absorption. Buoyant, lightweight, and resistant to mold, bacteria and rot, this foam is ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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Polyethylene Foam Deals

View our clearance page to find discounts on polyethylene foam. Save on your foam needs with our diverse range of clearance items.