Natural and Organic Custom Foam Cushions

Natural and Organic Custom Foam Cushions
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Get the best natural comfort for your home with 100% natural latex foam cushions. Whether you need to replace your existing cushions or create custom cushion shapes, FoamOrder has sustainable latex foam options to suit your furniture.

Get Started: Explore Our Organic Cushions

Get Started: Explore Our Organic Cushions

Looking to revive your old sofa or add comfort to a unique space in your home? Latex is the perfect cushion material, and it can keep its shape for 20 years. Compared to other foam types, organic latex is more resistant to distortion, but malleable enough to take the shape you’re looking for. We also offer custom-cut organic foam cushions for anything you need. Simply give us the measurements for any size or shape of cushion, and we’ll create foam cushions that fit your furniture.

Hand pressing on Organic Latex, the perfect cushion material

FoamOrder offers natural organic latex cushions in more than 30 shapes. No matter the size or shape of your furniture, you can order organic foam cushions in your exact measurements. Explore our cushion shapes below.

Warning: Individuals with latex allergies should use caution with Natural Foam.

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Why Choose Natural Foam?

FoamOrder’s organic latex product line is certified 100% all natural foam rubber, which means there are no added toxins—just tree sap and additive-free soaps used in the manufacturing process. Many companies advertise “natural” alternatives to conventional foam that actually contain artificial materials. Competitors with latex foam offerings generally use a blend of naturally and synthetically produced latex, and those with soy-based foams blend 5 to 35 percent soy with oil-based derivatives and flame retardants.

Here are just a few reasons why FoamOrder’s natural foam is the best organic foam alternative on the market:

Health Benefits

Because latex is innately fire resistant, we don’t need to add any chemical flame retardants, allowing you to live in a healthier home. Many traditional foams contain flame retardants which studies have linked to cancer, and they include petroleum and adhesives that release toxic chemicals into the air as they age, polluting the air inside and out. Latex is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Environmentally Friendly

Rubber trees are unharmed during the tapping process; they continue to grow and live as sap is harvested. Because latex foam production doesn’t require use of synthetics, we eliminate the release of environmentally harmful chemicals. You also won’t need to worry about waste after you’ve enjoyed a long life with your foam product, because unlike traditional spring or foam mattresses, natural latex foam will biodegrade after a few years of exposure to the elements.

Comfort and Pain Management

Latex is a resilient and supportive material, which is why FoamOrder’s customers report decreased pain and pressure when they choose our latex foam mattresses and cushions.


Latex foam is a naturally tough and durable material, and it stays firm longer than conventional foam. With proper care and protection, our product can last for 30 years. Without needing any additives, our organic latex foam is resistant to bacteria, mildew and mold.

Rules For Purchasing Natural Foam Cushions

Be a Savvy Buyer

In addition to choosing your grade of foam, you will have the option to wrap your cushion in cotton, giving your cushion a fuller look. If you want a more modern-looking flat pillow and decide against wrapping, we recommend ordering your foam a half inch thicker than its cover’s boxing to prevent wrinkles on the cover. We will walk you through the steps to ensure your foam is sized just right.

TIP: Before making a purchase, check out our clearance for discounted natural foam mattresses and toppers.

Make Your Foam Last

Because organic foam can sometimes have naturally occurring imperfections, we recommend purchasing a case or cover with your natural foam. FoamOrder offers in-house custom sewing, so we can be your one-stop shop for covering your cushions. We offer a selection of organic fabrics, Sunbrella®, 100% cotton discount fabrics, or you can even send us your own fabric.

To keep your foam looking great for as long as possible, keep it inside and out of direct sunlight, as overexposure will cause the rubber to dry out and become brittle. Foam can be spot cleaned with mild soap and water. If it gets wet, remove the cover and let the components dry separately.

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