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Purchase Foam for Yoga Mats and Camping Pads

With a squishy texture and medium-firm feel, Flotex closed-cell foam is a perfect material for yoga mats, boat cushions, life preservers and more. While not UV resistant, this foam is certified by ULC (Underwriters Laboratory Canada) for flotation, and weighs 3.6 lbs/ft³.

FloTex Foam: Yoga Mats, Exercise Mats, Boat Cushions

FloTex Foam
FloTex Foam
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Custom-Cut Flotex Foam

We’ll cut your Flotex Foam to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re searching for Flotex foam in simple square pieces or custom pattern shapes, you can select any of the options below.

*Due to the nature of this specialized foam, we cannot cut custom sizes in some dimensions. We won’t charge your credit card until we make your order. We are unable to cut cylinders and wedges deeper that 4" without a seam (we can glue them up).

Exercise Yoga and Camping Mat

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

Flotex makes an excellent exercise yoga mat. These lightweight mats are also perfect for camping pads.

A small piece of one-inch thick Flotex (16" × 24"), big enough for your elbows, and a sheet of 6 mm neoprene make an awesome stretching surface. You can choose your own size by using the rectangle shape and entering the dimensions you want.

How to Use Flotex Foam

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Yoga Mats

This soft, but stable material works perfectly for yoga mats, forming a comfortable exercise surface. The firm and dense foam provides a great base during yoga or other workouts.

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Outdoor Cushions

Offering durability and comfort, Flotex is the ideal material for camping pads, boat cushions and other outdoor uses. It is certified for flotation, meaning it works well for life preservers and other uses on the water.

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Flotex Foam Clearance

Looking for low-cost Flotex foam items? Search our clearance page for our discounted closed-cell foam options.