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We offer three types of egg crate foam...

EverFlex™ 3-inch Soft Egg Crate Foam

Egg Crate Foam
EverFlex Egg Crate Foam

15 year warranty

This 3-inch, extra thick egg crate foam is made using our premium EverFlex™ foam. This soft foam has a density of 2.5 pounds making it last even better than the one above. This is the perfect feeling foam for fans of the egg crate pad. It will not flatten out like the discount egg crate foam from chain stores. The long fingers will gently press all along your spine, stimulating your pressure points and relaxing your body... for 15 years!

Latex Egg Crate Topper

Egg Crate Topper
Latex Egg Crate Topper

The latex in this egg crate topper is certified 100% natural latex Dunlop process produced. You've never felt anything like this! It is very important to get the cotton case for your latex egg crate topper. Latex is a natural product and needs the protective layer. Without it, biodegradation is accelerated. Latex has naturally occurring flaws which include small rips, small particles, patches, discoloration, and variant surface texture.

How Is Egg Crate Foam Made?

Rollers press the egg crate foam flat while a blade slices it. The pressure from the rollers results in the egg crate foam pattern.

Here is a great video showing how egg crate foam is cut.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Egg crate foam may be returned within 30 days from ship date for a refund. See policy during checkout for exact details on your purchase.

Clearance Egg Crate Topper:

See our clearance section for discounted egg crate toppers that we have in stock. These are simply pieces we have priced to move. The same warranty apply to these pieces as any other egg crate pad. In particular, because these items are offered at greatly reduced prices, a 25% restocking fee will apply to any return of a clearance item.