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Frequently Asked Couch and Sofa Cushion Questions

Which foam is best for Indoor Couch Cushions?

We offer two main types of foam for indoor couch and sofa cushions; our traditional polyurethane (free of harmful chemicals), and our organic latex foam. Starting with the traditional polyurethane, we recommend our Everflex foam for couch cushions that will be used most days, and our lower-cost Econoflex foam for occasional use couch cushions in guest rooms or seldom-used areas. Most customers will be happy with our medium-firm V44 Everflex foam for couch cushions between 4 and 6 inches. If your couch cushion is thinner, you might consider firmer V54, and if thicker than 6 inches we generally recommend our softer V34. For latex foam, we recommend medium N31 or medium-firm N36 for standard-thickness cushions. You can also select cushions using memory foam as a top layer above firmer polyurethane foam. Contact our customer service team for help with ordering.

Should I order dacron (polyester) batting with my couch or sofa cushions?

We always recommend traditional dacron batting for couch and sofa cushions, usually with a book wrap. Batting gives an upholstered couch cushion that full, comfortable, rounded look. Without it your new custom cushions will show wrinkles in the fabric. If you need extra padding around your couch cushion, consider either a double-dacron book wrap, or wrap all sides, if needed. For our high-end organic latex cushions we recommend our organic cotton or organic wool batting with an organic cotton wrap to maintain the organic composition as well as to provide premium padding with your couch cushions. We guarantee you’ll feel the difference. If you really don’t want any batting, then order the foam slightly thicker (1/4" to 1/2") than the case to make sure it fills in as much as possible.

How thick should couch cushions be?

When ordering replacement couch or sofa cushions we recommend you keep the thickness of your cushions the same as the original so that you can use the same slipcovers that came with the couch. If you are ordering new couch or sofa cushions, they can be any thickness that will work within the design of the couch, usually between 4–6 inches. More than that is usually unnecessary, and thinner than 4" may lead to heavier users “bottoming out” and hitting the support materials below the cushions of the couch. The top of seat cushions should generally be between 18" and 20" when measuring from the floor. Any taller than this and some people won’t be able to rest their feet comfortably on the floor.

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5/5 stars
“I was very nervous about ordering replacement foam for a couch we had that desperately needed new cushions. Seemed like every website had you measure the cushions differently and I was doubtful that mine were going to work. They were perfect and have transformed our lumpy soda into a new piece!”
New york
January 2023
5/5 stars
So happy with my purchase
“My purchase of foam cushion inserts make my sofa look new again. Perfect fit.”
Santa Rosa
January 2023
5/5 stars
Replacement Foam For Big Chair
“We couldn’t be more pleased. It is like we have a new chair because of the foam we bought from your company. I highly recommend replacing cushions with your foam. Marvelous workmanship on the part of your company!”
Hilton, ny
December 2022

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