Custom and Replacement Dining Chair Cushions

Custom and Replacement Dining Chair Cushions


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The dining room table is a gathering place for family and friends, a communal place to eat meals, share stories, play games, and more. While many people love to bond around their table, uncomfortable chairs can cut that bonding time short. When you need comfortable, durable, high-quality dining room chair cushions, FoamOrder is here to help.

For centuries upholstered chairs and cushions have been filled with different materials, including horsehair, moss, and cotton, to name a few. While these were standard fillings for years because of their durability, they weren’t known for making the most comfortable seats. Around the 1950s, cushions were changed for the better with the invention of cost-effective, shapeable polyurethane foam. From there, foam has continued to evolve and improve, giving us the comfortable, long-lasting options of today.

Selecting the Perfect Foam

There are many different foam options that can be used for dining room chair cushions, including medium-density polyurethane foam (our Econoflex foam), high-density polyurethane foam (our Everflex foam), memory foam, dry-fast open-cell foam, and closed-cell foam. The foam you choose will depend on the aesthetic and comfort level you are going for in your dining room. Here at FoamOrder, we can cut whichever foam you pick to exact measurements, ensuring it will perfectly fit your dining room chair. We even specialize in cutting to a pattern you provide to us, and/or using your own fabric to construct upholstery covers for your dining chair cushions.

Foam Tips

When it’s time to get new cushions for your dining room chairs, choose foam that is extremely comfortable and highly durable. For cushions that see everyday use, we recommend our long-life Everflex foam. If your dining room only gets occasional use, our Duraflex or Econoflex polyurethane foams will probably be fine for many years. Regarding your selection of firmness, you want to be sure the foam is thick and firm enough to prevent “bottoming-out”, but not so firm that it is uncomfortable. For 1-2 inch cushions, we recommend our V44 or V54 foams. Thicker cushions can utilize V34 foam. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our expert Customer Service team for guidance.

Dining Chair Cushions Foam Tips

Benefits of our Dining Chair Cushions

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Long-Lasting Foam

Our high-quality Everflex™ foam cushions last 15–20 years, providing long-term comfort for your family. With five types ranging from soft to extra-firm, this foam offers a durable seating solution.

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Improved Comfort

Allow your family and friends to enjoy their meals with our comfortable, sturdy cushions. The high-quality foam and cushion covers can be adapted to fit any dining room.

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American-Made Cushions

Our foam is made in the USA, along with our custom covers produced by California-based seamstresses. Our experts help you measure, select the right foam type and walk you through the ordering process to ensure a smooth dining chair cushion replacement.

Custom Options

Dining Chair Cushion Custom Options

Our FoamOrder team is able to cut high-quality foam for standard orders, but we also excel at creating custom cushions to perfectly match the design in your dining room. With a custom pattern, we can cut the cushion dimensions to your exact specifications.

We also offer custom sewing for all of your cushion-covering needs. Our professional sewing team can create custom-made covers to match your new foam cushions and existing room decor, or you can order covers to fit existing cushions. You can choose from a variety of fabric patterns and materials for your covers, ensuring that your new chair cushions match the look of your dining room design.

Get Cushion Comfort

When you want high-quality, durable, and — most importantly — comfortable dining room chair cushions, contact FoamOrder. We can create custom-made cushions in a variety of materials to give you the perfect seat at your table. Whether you want to replace and update your existing cushions or add new ones to make your dining room cozier, we are the team to call.