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Create custom cushions for your restaurant, banquette, bench, or outdoor seating area. We are very proud of the detail and quality of all the custom cushions we make. The images on this page showcase our work.

Simply choose a shape below and you'll be guided through the process of making custom cushions.

After you have entered your dimensions, you'll be given fabric and foam choices. You may even send us your own material.

If you only need sewing, you can order through our custom sewing section.

Suggestions For Great Custom Cushions

There is a lot more useful information to use when designing custom cushions. Continue reading below all the shapes...

Custom cushions Mill Valley
Custom cushions made using Sunbrella ® 0000-0000 with top stitching. Bolster shape back cushions.

Want a Custom Cushions Quote? Click a Shape...

Click on the shape of your custom cushions, below. Then answer a few questions and enter your sizes.

Which foam should I choose for my custom cushions?

Custom cushions are filled with foam or down and feathers. You should always choose the quality of foam based on how often the custom cushions will be used. For example, some window seats don't get a lot of use and can be made of our EconoFlex C-grade material. But, custom cushions around a dinning banquette that will be used everyday should be made from our EverFlex or 100% natural latex cushions. We don't offer the less expensive polyester fiber filling currently. We've discovered it softens and flattens out in a short period of time. People 200 pounds and heavier will need to choose the firmer foams to prevent bottoming out, but spouses may not like such firm cushions.

Custom Cushions Foam

Which foam type should I choose for my custom cushions?

custom bench cushions
Sunbrella ® Sailcloth Seagull 32000-0023 with top stitching. Cording: Heritage Granite 18004-0000.

Back Cushions:

When ordering custom cushions for a back rest, consider the bolster shape. Usually the top of a bolster is half the size of the base dimensions. 24" × 24" pillows also work well. We also recommend adding a few lumbar pillows, 12" × 20", to increase lower back support. You will be able to add these to your order during the fabric selection process, or on our custom sewing page.

Bolster cushionClipped Bolster cushion
Custom cushions made with a bolster shape backrest
lumbar pillows
Custom cushions with lumbar pillows

Follow these rules for all custom cushions...

Height of Seating:

Most contractors don't know this: The top of the cushions should finish between 18" and 20" when measuring from the ground. Try measuring from the floor to top of your couch cushions. Any taller than this and, psychologically, you will never want to use the custom cushions. Have the contractor build your top of platform 14" from the ground. This will allow 4" cushions which is a very comfortable thickness. The final product will be between the ideal total height of 18-20".

Restaurant Cushions – Commercial Seating:

Since commercial seating gets a lot of use, only our EverFlex Rebond material will hold up. Use half EverFlex Rebond and half EverFlex V54 for the most durable foam combination. All other custom cushions will soften quickly in any commercial application.

Order Batting:

Polyester batting (white) around foam (yellow)

From the suggested additions choose one of the battings. Batting is needed to fill out the cover and round the front edges. Without it your new custom cushions will have some wrinkles in the fabric. Some cushions require batting on specific sides. To do this, be sure to add comments in the shopping cart on the item. If you really don't want any batting, then order the foam slightly thicker than the case—but this still leaves some wrinkles along the edges.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

You may exchange most foam types less a 25% restocking fee for store credit only. During the checkout process you'll see the specific policy for the options you have chosen.

When we design custom bench cushions we recommend your custom made cushions are not higher than 20" at the top of custom made cushions edge. Custom bench cushions which are taller are avoided and uncomfortable. Custom couch cushions can be quite comfortable if you choose custom made cushions which are thick enough for the weight of the person they are supporting. Don't order your custom made cushions too thin or soft and choose to include in your custom made cushions a quality of foam that will last. Choose fabrics for your custom bench cushions which are suitable for the location the custom made cushions will be used. For example: custom bench cushions used in the kitchen should use a custom couch cushions fabric which is easy to clean and ultra violet resistant. Custom bench cushions used in a hallway with little sun may use custom couch cushions fabric without ultra violet resistance. Prices for custom couch cushions are not standard and vary depending on the size and fabric chosen for the custom made cushions. In closing consider the look of your custom couch cushions. Do you want them to be full? If so, order down envelopes.