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Create custom cushions for any living space in your home, indoor or outdoor! We offer custom foam cushions for your couch or loveseat, banquette, bench, window seat, or outdoor seating area. We are very proud of the detail and quality of all the custom cushions we make.

If you only need sewing, you can order through our custom sewing section.

Ordering Your Replacement Cushions With Our Easy Step-by-Step Process

Using our custom replacement cushion tool, FoamOrder walks you through every step of replacement cushion ordering. We include videos and tutorials on how to:

Step 1 Measure your cushions properly (see how)

Step 2 Pick the right cushion shape (including custom shapes or using your own pattern)

Step 3 Order fabric covers for your cushions (optional)

Step 4 Select Foam Type and Firmness

Step 5 Choose Cushion Wrap or Down Envelope (optional)

Step 4 Select Foam Type and Firmness

Step 5 Choose Cushion Wrap or Down Envelope (optional)

Get Started now by selecting a cushion shape below, and we’ll walk you through the ordering process from beginning to end.

Get Started Now: Choose Your Custom Cushion Shape

Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose “Pattern Shapes” to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications

Which foam should I choose for my custom cushions?

Custom Cushions Foam

You should choose the type and quality of foam based on where and how often the custom cushions will be used. For example, some window seats or guest room cushions don’t get a lot of use and can be made of our EconoFlex C-grade material. But, custom cushions for a family room sofa or around a dining banquette that will be used everyday should be made from our EverFlex or 100% natural latex cushions. People 200 pounds and heavier will need to choose the firmer foams to prevent bottoming out.

For Foam Type, we recommend the following:

  • Outdoor cushions: If the cushions might get wet, we recommend our outdoor foam. If your cushions will not likely get wet then use any foam.
  • Indoor cushions: Choose either the 100% natural latex or polyurethane foams.
  • Memory foam cushions are fine to use when glued to a firmer base foam. Solid memory foam cushions are not recommended as they will bottom out when sat upon.
  • Down Cushions: We offer solid down cushions and envelopes on our down cushions page. Down cushions are for indoor use only.

Back Cushions:

When ordering custom cushions for a back rest, we recommend softer (Everflex V24, or V34; or Econoflex C33) foams. Also, consider the bolster shape. Usually the top of a bolster is half the size of the base dimensions.

Custom Tips for Custom Foam Cushions

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Custom Cushion Seating Height

The top of seat cushions should generally be between 18" and 20" when measuring from the floor. Any taller than this and some people won’t be able to rest their feet comfortably on the floor. When designing seating, build the top of your platform or bench 14" to 16" from the ground. This will allow for a 2" to 4" cushion, which is a comfortable thickness. The final product will be between the ideal total height of 18–20".

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We Recommend Batting

Polyester batting
Polyester batting (white) around foam (yellow)

From the suggested additions choose a batting for your custom cushions. Batting is needed to fill out the cover and round the front edges. Without it your new custom cushions will show wrinkles in the fabric. Some cushions require batting on specific sides. To do this, be sure to add comments in the shopping cart on the item. If you really don’t want any batting, then order the foam slightly thicker than the case to make sure it fills in as much as possible.

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Restaurant and Commercial Seating

Since commercial seating gets a lot of use, only our EverFlex Rebond material will hold up. Use half EverFlex Rebond and half EverFlex V54 on top for the most durable foam combination. All other custom cushions will soften quickly in any commercial application. See our Restaurant and Bar page for more details.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Speak with our expert customer service team if you need help choosing foam or custom cushion details. If you’re not satisfied with you purchase, you may exchange most foam types, less a 25% restocking fee, for store credit only. During the checkout process you’ll see the specific policy for the options you have chosen.

A Few Final Tips for Custom Foam Cushions: