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After a long life of service, almost all couch cushions and furniture cushions need replacing. With over 19 density and firmness choices, and dozens of shapes to choose from, FoamOrder is your go-to source for reliable, long-lasting and custom-made replacement cushions. We make cushions to fit your exact specifications, including firmness, foam quality, shape and dimension – and can accommodate details like dacron batting, wrapping or down envelopes.

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Ordering Your Couch Cushion Replacements With Our Easy Step-by-Step Process

Using our custom replacement cushion tool, FoamOrder walks you through every step of replacement cushion ordering. We include videos and tutorials on how to:

Step 1 Measure your cushions properly (see how)

Step 2 Pick the right cushion shape (including custom shapes or using your own pattern)

Step 3 Select Foam Type and Firmness

Step 4 Choose Cushion Wrap or Down Envelope (optional)

Step 5 Order fabric covers for your replacement cushions (optional)

Step 4 Choose Cushion Wrap or Down Envelope (optional)

Step 5 Order fabric covers for your replacement cushions (optional)

Simply start by selecting a cushion shape, and we’ll walk you through the ordering process from beginning to end.

Get Started Now: Choose Your Cushion Shape

FoamOrder offers over 30 shapes for your replacement couch and furniture cushions. After selecting a shape below, enter your desired cushion dimensions and quantity for an accurate price estimate. Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose “Pattern Shapes” to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications. Don’t forget to note where the zipper should go, and any other details we need to know.

How to Measure Your Couch Cushion Properly

  • Measure Between Seams: If possible, measure dimensions between the seams or between the cording of the case, with the foam inside.
  • Imagine A Seam If One Doesn’t Exist: If there are no seams and you need to eyeball your measurement, you'll have to imagine the seam. The rounded sides are often caused by Dacron/polyester batting, so you don't want to measure all the way to the edge. Instead, measure to just before the curvature of the fabric.
  • Overorder: When ordering conventional EverFlex™ V34, V24 or EconoFlex™ C25, C33 foams, if your cushion is over 40 inches long, up to 120 inches long, order them 1/2 inch to 1 inch (1.3 cm - 2.6 cm) longer than you want. This will help them fill out the case nicely, since they are medium-softish and will compress during shipping. Keep in mind that soft foam is very flexible, so you don't need to be overly worried about the foam being 1/4 to 1/2 inch too long or short.
  • Add Dacron Batting: We highly recommend adding Dacron batting to seat cushions. Dacron is a soft polyester filler that gives most seat cushions their common rounded look. For an over-stuffed look and feel, you can order double Dacron, or a down envelope for your cushion.
  • Order Thin: When ordering conventional EverFlex™ V54 foam or EverFlex™ Rebond, order them 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) thinner than you want, and order the Dacron or double Dacron (suggested addition). These foams are firm and difficult to get into a case. The Dacron will fill out the cases nicely.
  • Get Help: If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, we're always happy to help!

Replacement Sofa & Couch Back Cushions

Although some back cushions might be filled with foam, most are usually filled with polyester stuffing or feathers. When polyester cushions flatten, they generally need one to two pounds of polyester stuffing for a fuller shape.

Follow the directions in our video to learn how to restuff your polyester cushions. You can also bring cushions into our FoamOrder store.

Types of Foam for Replacement Cushions

Foam cushions vary in quality, firmness and life span. All foam cushions soften with use, but you’ll notice better quality foam softens slower than mid-grade foam. Additionally, thinner foam cushions feel softer, as opposed to thicker foam, which generally feels firmer due to greater area to support your weight.

FoamOrder offers a variety of cushion choices. Our foam types fall into three categories: good, better and best.






100% Natural Latex
Memory Foam

Tips for Replacing Your Couch Cushions

Measure Carefully

Having the right fit for your furniture cushions is crucial. Most sofa cushions don’t follow standard measurements. That’s why we walk you through the dos and don’ts of properly measuring sofa cushions to ensure you find the right fit for your piece of furniture.

Go for Quality

Although lower-quality foam is less expensive than higher-quality options, cheaper foam is more likely to wear out and require replacement. Using high-quality foam ensures your cushions last for years. If your sofa, chair, window seat or bed only gets occasional use, that’s a good opportunity to use lower quality foam.

Protect Your Cushions

There are simple steps you can take to guarantee foam cushions will last. We recommend wrapping the foam in batting or a down envelope before stuffing it into cushions. Not only does this protect the cushion, but it helps maintain the full, stuffed look that you’re used to seeing in most homes.

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