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Custom & Replacement Bar Stool Cushions


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When you hop up on a bar stool expecting a comfy experience, it’s hard to mask the disappointment of a lackluster cushion. It’s not pleasant to sit on hard, lopsided, or worn down bar stool cushions. The solution is simple. You need cushions that are firm, plush, and durable.

FoamOrder can make sure your bar stools last for a long time. Our replacement bar stool cushions are made of high-quality foam, batting, and fabric covers. We can create custom bar stool cushions for your home, restaurant, or venue. Choose from multiple firmness options to find the perfect seat for your replacement bar stool.

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Select a shape below to get started with your order, or call FoamOrder to order cushions tailored to the needs of bar, restaurant or home. We offer a range of shapes and foam types. You can also send a pattern of the shape you need, and our foam experts will help you through the process. Also, expertly sewn cushion cover choices like Sunbrella™, Robert Allen, Greenhouse and others provide durable upholstery covers for high-use needs.

Benefits of our Bar Stool Cushions

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Long-Lasting Foam

Our high-quality Everflex™ foam cushions last 15–20 years, providing long-term comfort for your patrons or family. With five types ranging from soft to extra-firm, this foam offers a durable seating solution.

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Improved Comfort

Allow your customers or family to enjoy their meal with our comfortable, sturdy cushions. The high-quality foam and cushion covers can be adapted to fit any bar, restaurant, or home.

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American-Made Cushions

Our foam is made in the USA, along with our custom covers produced by California-based seamstresses. Our experts help you measure, select the right foam type and walk you through the ordering process to ensure a smooth bar stool cushion replacement.

The best foam types for your replacement bar stool cushions

Best Foam for Bar Stools

For outdoor bar stools, we carry outdoor polyurethane foam, which is durable and has porous properties so water can flow through it rather than building up. This drastically reduces the chance of mildew and mold occurring on the cushion. Our durable Dri-fast foam is one of the best foam types on the market for outdoor cushions. We’ll pair the foam with a weather-resistant cushion cover from Sunbrella™ to complete your outdoor bar stool.

If your bar stool will be indoors, you don’t need such a weather-proof foam type. Instead, you can opt for standard upholstery foam or our natural, organic latex foam. You can even add a layer of memory foam for optimum comfort. All of the materials we use for indoor cushions are soft and comfortable. If you prefer, you can choose a firmer foam option.

Read below to learn how to measure your bar stool to order your custom cushions.

How to Choose Your Custom & Replacement Bar Stool Cushions

In order to get the perfect custom bar stool cushion, you’ll need to measure the seat precisely. Measure the diameter of your round stool or the length of your square stool, and then determine how thick you want the cushion to be. You’ll need to select a cushion shape and foam type as well. It’s easy to enter this information directly on our site to make your order.

If you have any questions about how to measure a replacement bar stool cushion, visit this page. You can also contact us with any questions. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be able to walk you through the process and respond to any questions you may have.

FoamOrder also has top-quality cushion covers in various materials, colors, and patterns. We carry Sunbrella™ and Marine grade vinyl materials, as well as traditional cotton and hemp fabrics. Choose one of our fabric options or send us your own. Our professional seamstresses can provide customized cushion covers.

We have bar stool cushions available in all sizes and shapes, including round and square cushions. No matter if you need residential or commercial bar stool cushions, indoor or outdoor cushions, we have the foam and cushion covers for you.

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