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Which foam option is best for your project?

The Custom Cushions section will show the widest range of options to create custom cushions for most projects. From simple shapes that you define in a complete range of upholstery and specialty foams to beautiful finished cushions for any furniture you can imagine. Choose from a wide range of materials, durability, firmness and extras to suit your project and budget.

Most people ask what design or size will work best to make them comfortable. This way of thinking of the project ends up being a little bit backwards.

It is best to come to the project knowing three things: 1. The shape and size of the piece of foam you need, especially how thick it is, 2. How firm you would like your cushions to feel, 3. How will your cushion be used? Sitting on it, lying down on it, or leaning up against it?

After clicking the Custom Cushions link, simply select a shape and customize it with the dimensions you need. The step by step instructions will help you find the right materials and options for you. Based on the use and thickness, the website will dynamically describe the firmness of the different foam options so you can make a choice that will suit your comfort.

If your current seat cushions or back cushions are losing support or sagging, click the Replacement Cushions link to find a selection of replacement cushions and stuffing materials to bring new life to the furniture you love. There you will find options to keep your furniture looking and feeling fantastic. We have materials available to fit your budget. Add 3 years, 7 years, even 15 years or more of life.

For those of us with chemical sensitivities or who just want to limit exposure to synthetic materials, click the Natural Foam link for natural foam alternatives. While the furniture industry has made progress in making furniture less carcinogenic, working with the most natural materials possible can help even more. From basic blocks of natural latex foam that you can cut yourself, to custom shapes that you define and that we cut to your specifications, we can help you make your home the natural sanctuary from synthetics you always dreamed of.

Save money on materials by buying upholstery foam in standard sizes. Click the Upholstery Foam link to find a variety of foams with the durability and firmness you need at a great price. Most commercial furniture uses lighter densities of foam that will not stand up well to years of use. Upgrade your furniture with better quality foam. Select from standard upholstery sheet sizes in the thickness you need or tell us what dimensions would be perfect for you and we’ll cut it to size for you.

If you need cushions for an area that is exposed to the weather, our outdoor foam materials will be perfect. Click the Outdoor Foam link to see an array of outdoor foam from soft to hard and get a quote for the specific size you need. From small pieces for seats to large blocks that can be used for an outdoor lounging mattress or cabana. Have peace of mind that, even if your cushions got caught in the rain, they won’t be ruined.

Whether you need boat cushions for the deck or cabin of your ship, click the Boat Cushions link to see a complete range of options, from seating to mattresses made to fit your berth. You can choose everything from the firmness of the seat or mattress to the color of the outer fabric or vinyl cover made to fit your craft. Have your boat cushions and mattresses made from materials that naturally resist the mold and mildew that is far too common in wet conditions. We can make the cushions from dimensions you specify or work from your pattern to create the perfect shape.

Looking to create the perfect backyard area that is beautiful, comfortable and durable? Click the Outdoor Furniture Cushions link to see options for gorgeous custom cushions that will weather sun, rain and neighborhood parties. You get to be the designer of your own outdoor furniture cushions. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics and vinyl that will make your backyard patio the place everyone wants to hang out.

Click the Down Cushions link to find options to help your furniture look sumptuous and luxurious with a welcoming overstuffed look. While foam can help cushions feel soft, our down cushions are better suited to creating a rounded visual style. They can be filled with your choice of batting or feathers in a range of blends to suit your desire for economy and luxury. We can even create down cushions with a core of comfortable foam and use the best of both to make your cushion feel and look opulent.

If you need the perfect zippered cover to protect and show off a cushion you already have, click the Custom Sewing link to preview fabrics and get a quote for your specific size. Our custom sewing options will help you find the best choice, whether you need something quick and basic to show off a home, or a durable showpiece to complete an antique heirloom. Choose from many fabrics, styles and accent options to help your cushions be as beautiful as you can imagine.

If all you need is some cushion accessories or tools to finish off your home chair or sofa project, click the Cushion Accessories link for basic foams, batting, glue, feathers or the last little thing you need to help you get it done. You may find the one thing to help spark or accomplish your next craft idea. Batting wraps, shredded foam, even materials to make your own pillow. Your creativity is the only limit.