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Tatami Beds with tatami mats and under-bed storage

A Tatami Bed is typically a Japanese platform bed with insets for Japanese tatami mats to lie. Many Japanese customers buy these tatami beds with Japanese mats and many don't buy the Japanese mats, since you can't see the Japanese mats under a bed mattress. Tatami Beds are commonly considered either contemporary or Japanese style, both having an appreciation for straight lines and Japanese simplicity. Japanese Tatami mats and beds were originally commonplace in the households of Japanese nobles. Our Japanese tatami mats are made from high quality natural rush grass straw, and are bordered by an artistically printed poly-fiber cloth for a clean, Japanese, durable, and beautiful finish. Our Japanese tatami mats, which were originally commonplace in most nobles of Japan households as beds, are made with natural and sustainable ingredients, and a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing finish. Whether you plan to use yours for a bed, flooring, performing religious rites, an ancient Japanese tea ceremony, or just as a Japanese base for our foam mattresses, we can think that you will be satisfied with your Japanese Tatami Bed.

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Our Japanese Tatami beds are a slat platform bed. Usually, hardwood from Indonesia is used making Tatami beds. Some styles of our Japanese Tatami beds use cross-grain corner joints that make this bed the easiest to assemble, requiring only two bolts in a queen Japanese size tatami bed. Tatami beds come in a variety of styles. The Japanese tatami mats come two inches thick, but when placed in the tatami bed, give it a smooth and complete finished Japanese look. The Japanese mats are level with the edge of the tatami bed. A tatami bed, using wood from Indonesia, and tatami mats created in Asia, makes for an aesthetically pleasing, and totally functional Japanese tatami bed. Lie on just the Japanese tatami mats, or place a mattress on the tatami bed; you will find comfort and joy in the Japanese tatami bed design and function.

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Our tatami beds — no matter the tatami beds size — can fit tatami mats, which are available to fit any size bed. The construction of the tatami mat is as important as the tatami bed. Our tatami mat utilizes a natural straw, as well as a bug repellent backing paper that prevents infestation from happening to your Japanese tatami mat. If you purchase a tatami mat, be aware that when first used, it has a rice odor that should disappear over time. If you are to spill anything on the tatami bed, use a moist cloth to wipe it up. If the spill should spread to the tatami mat, be sure to wipe with the grain to prevent further damage. Also note that the Tatami beds and Japanese tatami mat were not created to get wet, so a slightly damp rag should be used when cleaning. If the Japanese tatami mat has become very wet, apply baking soda to help dry out the straw and prevent mold from developing. The Japanese tatami mat and tatami bed combo, if handled correctly, should last nicely since tatami beds are solid wood construction and not a particleboard veneer.

Tatami Mats and Tatami Beds come in many different sizes. You can mix and max tatami mats to fill an entire space. Use our tatami door to create an entrance to your tatami room.

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We also offer a beautiful line of Japanese lanterns to match your tatami beds.