Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

We offer a great line of bunk beds. Click the bed image of our bunk beds at the bottom of the page, and it will take you to our easy to navigate line of bunk beds. Please take time to read the bunk beds tips and information on this page first, as it will help you to choose the bunk beds that will be best for you.

While our competitors may offer cheap quality bunk beds made with veneer, we don't skimp on our kids bunk beds. Our bunk beds are made from plantation-farmed hardwoods. One benefit of solid wood bed frames is that if the bed ever gets chipped—and children tend to be very rough with these beds—you won't see ugly particleboard like a veneer bunk bed. Your peace of mind is one of our top concerns. Therefore, our solid bunk bed frames meet all consumer product safety standards (16 CFR Parts 12r13, 1500, 1513 and ASTM-F 1427).

In addition, we offer bunk bed mattresses. While we recommend our latex bed mattresses for its all natural benefits, some consumers find them a pricey bed, so we have made less expensive eco-soy blended bed foams and offer them as suggested bunk bed mattresses on the following pages. We still recommend you consider the benefits of using an all-natural bed mattress for your bunk beds. Natural latex does not contain any flame retardants commonly required to pass bed mattress flammability standards and our latex bunkbeds will last for fifteen years without softening or forming body depressions. Visit our latex bed section for the best quality bunk bed mattress money can buy. Since children using bunkbeds are typically lightweight, it is recommended to buy them a medium density bunkbeds mattress. Most kids don't like firm bunkbeds mattresses. We also offer mattress protectors for bunk beds. These bunkbeds protectors will help prevent "accidents" from soaking into the bed foam and provide critical bunk protection for your bunkbeds mattress longevity.

We offer nearly every style bunk bed or loft bunkbeds you might want, from Twin bed over Twin bunk beds to Full bed over Full bunk beds. We have bunk beds with folding bed futons underneath or loft bunk beds with space for anything you may want underneath the bunk bed. With these bunk beds there are basically two different bed ladder configurations to choose from. There is a bunk beds ladder that touches the floor, or a bunk beds ladder that is attached to the bed. If you choose the under bunk beds storage or bunk beds trundle then you may want the bunk beds ladder that attaches to the bunk bed frame so you don't need to move the bunk beds ladder every time you pull out the bunk beds trundle or bunk beds storage.

Bunkbeds trundles can be bent if you press from the top edge of the bed trundle. Press on the bed trundle down near the floor when sliding the bed trundle under the bunkbeds.

Bunkbeds take some time to assemble, about 2 hours. We offer bunkbeds assembly for an additional charge. As long as your bunkbeds order is over $1200, we will deliver your bunkbeds at no charge.

Bunkbeds maintenance is easy. Each style kids bunk bed comes in multiple bunkbeds finishes. Your kids bunk bed finish can be touched up if it is ever chipped or scratched. When touching up bunkbeds use a matching bunk finish and clear coat the bed repair. Kids bunk beds and loft bunkbeds are an excellent space saver bunk. Our kids bunk bed and loft bunkbeds are a great bed.