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Latex Mattress and Mattresses

Latex mattresses made using the sap from the rubber tree can last up to 30 years without forming depressions or softening. No other material offers the comfort and durability of natural latex. Our goal is for you to love your purchase for years. We are committed to meeting this goal, and we'll even bend our policies to do this. Over time your preference for the firmness of your mattress can change and you may want to modify the firmness of the mattress. We can help solve this at little or no cost to you. Latex is hypoallergenic, and breathes to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When compared to spring mattresses, latex is considered much more conforming and evenly supportive. Latex mattress foam is naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, mold, and dust mites, making it an ideal mattress material for homes, boats, and RVs.

We can also make custom size latex mattresses. Contact us for a quote.

Latex Mattresses
Latex mattress covered with an organic pillow top case

Why buy your latex mattress from us? Read why...

Solid Latex Mattress Quotes

Organic Latex Mattress

We find that our certified 100% natural Dunlop latex holds up the best and is rarely returned. We also offer 100% Natural Talalay Latex and Talalay comprised of a blend of synthetic and natural ingredients.

Types of Latex

The Larkspur Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress
All latex mattresses include a supple double knit case and a second inner cotton case!

Note: Thickness includes 3" Latex layer.

Enjoy the best of all worlds with this innovative latex mattress:

  • The orthopedic support of latex
  • The economy of polyurethane foam (the best polyurethane foam on the planet)
  • The aesthetics of a thick latex mattress without the cost
  • We now encase all Larkspur latex mattresses in our washable double knit outer case and an inner 100% cotton case around the raw latex!

How we build our Larkspur model latex mattress

We layer 3 inches of top-quality 100% natural latex on a high density base foam with a thickness of your choice. While sitting on your Larkspur bed, you will feel the firm support of the base foam. While sleeping, you will only feel the pressure-relieving latex layer. The firmness descriptions are based on a 175-lb person.

Latex naturally provides you with a deeper, more regenerative night's sleep. Never again will you wake up with the aches caused by insufficient support, or the stiffness and pain created by inadequate pressure relief. Nor will you want for a bed that is comfortable and compatible with sitting. Ours does both!

The Split Firmness Latex Mattress

Split Firmness Latex Mattress

Couples no longer need to compromise when it comes to the firmness and support of their shared bed. Both needs are met with this "combination" latex mattress. This allows you to have the firmness you want on your half and your partner to have it their way on their half (both customized to personal preference). The halves are completely bonded together in such a way that it is nearly impossible for the foam to slide out of place! What's more, the entire latex mattress comes covered in our thick double knit casing. One latex mattress, two great nights' rest!

A note about firmness selections: you can easily change sides by rotating your mattress 180°, swapping the head and foot of the bed.

Certified 100% natural latex crib mattress

Organic Crib Mattress (crib not included)

Many parents fear for the health of their newborn. In today's world, it's unfortunate to be surrounded by so many damaging chemicals; we ingest them through our skin, lungs and mouth. The last place you want to worry about chemicals is where your baby is sleeping. Sadly, most mattresses contain flame retardant additives for which there have been reported links to breast cancer, and one of these commonplace chemicals was recently linked to nervous system developmental problems. Our Natural latex is naturally flame retardant and doesn't contain any chemical additives. It is naturally anti-microbial and dust mite free, thwarting bacteria and dust mites that interfere with immunity. With our all-natural crib mattress you will breathe easier knowing your baby is sleeping on a toxin-free surface.

The outer double knit cover has a zipper, and is removable and washable. The standard crib size is 52 × 28 × 6 inches (132 × 71 × 15 cm), but we are happy to customize a crib mattress for an additional cost. Simply add comments to your shopping cart to specify your crib mattress dimensions. Confused? Give us a call and we will talk you through it, step by step.

Basic Organic Natural crib mattress, Firm density

Basic Organic Crib Mattress

Our Organic Natural Crib Mattresses use organic, breathable materials that will keep your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We use certified organic 100% natural latex as the core of this mattress. The casing is made by quilting certified organic wool to organic cotton fabric. This mattress does not use any chemically-treated barrier cloths to pass current fire retardant mattress requirements—the all-organic materials pass fire tests naturally.

The comfy pillow top for our Organic Natural Crib Mattress is made from the following layers (from top to bottom)...

  1. Heavy certified organic cotton ticking
  2. Certified organic wool batting: 1" of certified organic wool, quilted down to 1/2", that acts like a natural temperature regulator, wicking away moisture and excess heat
  3. Certified organic muslin

MattressGuard mattress protector, Crib size

MattressGuard mattress protector

This waterproof barrier fabric is soft and supple and not crinkly like most other vinyl mattress protectors. Imagine, you are enjoying a well-deserved breakfast in bed when it happens: the coffee spills and terror strikes. Is the bed ruined?

The very qualities that make foam comfortable, breathable, and resilient also make it susceptible to absorb spills like a sponge.

Don't be afraid, just put one of our mattress protectors between your bed and the sheets, and your bed is protected from any spills, perspiration, and even dust balls. When these mattress protectors are purchased at the same time as a new bed they come with a guarantee: if any spill gets through, MattressGuard will replace the bed if needed.

Protectors protect your investment in great sleep and you never have to worry. This mattress protector will keep your bed new for years.

  • Protectors machine washable up to 200°F
  • Only tumble dry protectors at medium temperature (160°F)
  • Protectors can be sterilized at 250°F
  • Elastic skirt is easy to put on and take off the bed
  • An excellent solution for dust mite allergy sufferers
  • Soft moisture barrier will not change the comfortable feel of your bed
  • 10-Year warranty against stains and dust mites

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are the Cadillac of all mattresses. Our latex mattress is a "no flip" mattresses. The quality of the product is such that it does not require flipping. We do recommend rotating the mattress weekly! This helps to prevent any product failures.

To increase the thickness, comfort, and appearance of your mattress you can simply add a topper or choose a layered configuration. Layered configurations are the most popular, and easily allow for layer exchanges if you're not satisfied with the comfort of your starting configuration. The most popular combination is a softer layer on top of a supportive base. We custom sew the casing size to fit the total number of layers you order to ensure a snug fit!

Custom Size Latex Mattress Beds

Custom Cut Latex

Almost all couches or chairs are created with petroleum based foams. If you want a healthy alternative, then be sure to switch it out for something natural! The latex sold in this section is certified 100% natural latex. To order, please visit our natural foam page. (The latex prices quoted on that page may have natural latex glue seams. If you wish to avoid this then you need to contact us before ordering.)

Latex Mattress Firmness:

We rate the firmnesses of our latex mattress using "ILD." ILD is the standard numbering system for rating latex foam firmness, and measures the number of pounds it takes to compress a sample of latex foam one inch. We carry 5 different firmnesses: Soft (17-25 ILD), Medium (26-30 ILD), Firm (31-35 ILD), Extra Firm (36-42 ILD), and Hard (43-48 ILD).

How thick of a latex mattress should I choose?

Use the following table as a guide to select the best mattress for your body. The table refers to the thickness of the inner latex core of the mattress.

Weight Soft Medium Firm
Under 210 lbs 9" 9" 6"–9"
Over 210 lbs 12" 12" 6"–9"

To create a thicker latex mattress (9" or more) without substantially increasing the cost, consider adding however many inches you'd like of our EconoFlex C55 conventional polyurethane foam. This can be placed at the bottom of the mattress with little to no change in the feel or durability of the mattress. If you choose to do this, please specify in the notes on the shopping cart screen that it is all to be combined in one case. (For example: 5" of EconoFlex™ + a 6" firm latex core = an 11" super mattress.)

Please contact us if you need more help in selecting the proper firmness. Our salespeople are excellent at helping direct you to a selection that will work best for you.

Why buy your latex mattress from us?

Natural latex:

All raw Talalay and Dunlop latex have naturally occurring flaws which include small tears, air pockets, patches, and changing surface textures. Not all latex mattress foams are equal. Some latex is not even natural! We offer several types of latex.

Certified 100% Natural Dunlop latex or Talalay Latex: When comparing these two, we have found that Dunlop latex has much more integrity and longevity than Talalay. The Talalay process produces a more even latex cell structure at the cost of the integrity of the foam; more bubbles equals less foam and shorter longevity.

Is Latex 100% Natural?

All raw Talalay and Dunlop latex have naturally occurring flaws, which include small tears, air pockets, patches, and changing surface textures. Not all latex mattress foams are equal. Some latex is not even natural!

Not all latex mattresses are created equally!
Anyone can advertise their latex as "100% Natural" even if the latex is not. Real "100% natural" latex should be made with at least 97% natural tree sap. Since some manufacturers opt for higher percentages of synthetic ingredients (a cheaper way to produce the foam), many consumers are misinformed about the latex they purchase. For example, if latex foam is 85% synthetic ingredients and 15% natural, it may be advertised as "Natural Latex" as long as the 15% of natural ingredients are 100% natural tree sap. Our Dunlop latex is independently certified 100% natural latex. The only way to truly know the composition of latex is to request a certified test.

Things to watch out for in your latex mattress:
Anything advertised as a mattress must pass strict fire codes enforced on all mattresses. Latex mattresses will always contain a flame barrier. You should pay attention to the type of flame barrier that is used as most synthetic flame retardants use known carcinogens. We include a natural organic barrier (see our organic mattresses) or a thick, double knit fabric encasement with every mattress purchase. To meet the mattress flammability requirements the double knit fabric is a combination of natural cotton and polyester fibers with a fiberglass weave woven into the bottom of the material. Steer away from any companies that refuse to disclose what they use. Also be wary of "green tea" or "soy" blended foams. The majority of these products use only 5% to 35% natural ingredients, so don't be fooled. The last, and what may be the most important, thing is to familiarize yourself with the warranty offered. Look at other warranties; chances are they are prorated after 10 years, and they require a "1.5 inches" or greater indentation. Most of our competitors don't even cover loss of firmness!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We offer a 90-day trial period that begins once your latex mattress is delivered, during which you may exchange the inner latex layers for a different firmness or return your latex mattress for a refund less any delivery or shipping charges.

Clearance Latex:

Visit our latex clearance section for extra latex items that we have in stock. These are simply extra, returned, or mis-cut pieces we have priced to move. Because these items are offered at greatly reduced prices, a 25% restocking fee will apply to any return of a clearance item.

How to Make a Comfort Exchange