Closed Cell Foam,
Polyethylene Foam and Yoga Mats

Closed cell polyethylene
This foam is available in several colors, and comes by the yard, in sheets, or custom cut to your dimensions. Closed cell foam does not absorb water. We have four grades of closed cell foam: Crosslinked Polyethylene, EVA grade, Volara, and FloTex. (Please note that for custom cut orders, we also offer 1.2, 2, and 6 lb/ft3 grade closed cell foams.)

(Scroll down for CUSTOM CUT closed cell foam shapes.)

Polyethylene Foam
This foam is very rigid; it has no give to it. It is a crosslinked polyethylene foam. This may be used for packaging, knee pads, industrial applications, and more.

Closed Cell Foam
does not absorb water

EVA Foam
This grade is also a firm foam, but with a softer, rubbery feel. When pressing your fingers into it, it squishes down a little but comes right back into place. This may be used for kneepads, padding in helmets, insulation for hot tubs, shin guards, or exercise mats.

Volara - Hot Tub Covers, Acoustic Insulation
Ideal for hot tub covers, acoustic insulation and more. Volara's squishy texture allows rolling for easy shipping. Volara comes in a white or a charcoal color.

FloTex Foam - Yoga Mats, Exercise Mats, Boat Cushions
This fantastic beige foam is a medium firm foam. It is the same product as Airex closed cell foam. It is certified by ULC (Underwriters Laboratory Canada) for flotation and more. Its squishy texture is ideal for boat cushions, life preservers, yoga mats, exercise mats, camping pads, or whatever else you can think of. We seam all thicknesses greater than half an inch (1.3 cm).

Closed Cell Foam Design Consultant
Contact our design consultant for your prototype manufacturing. We may be able to help answer your product questions or steer you in the right design direction.

Yoga Mats
These lightweight mats are also perfect for camping pads. Our short mats measure 28 x 42 x 1/2" thick (71 x 107 x 1.3 cm), full size mats measure 28 x 84 x 1/2" thick (71 x 213 x 1.3 cm).

Short Yoga Mat:   $19.99    
Full Yoga Mat:   $39.99    

Besides stocking the 40" x 80" gray/charcoal sheets mentioned below, EVA and polyethylene sheets are also available in white and in other colors, as well as in a 48" x 72" (122 x 183 cm) sheet size. Certain minimums apply, however, so contact us for more information or a quote if you need this size or color.

Sheets of Closed Cell Foam
We sell Crosslinked Polyethylene and EVA grade sheets with thicknesses between 1/8 inch and 4 inches (3 to 102 mm). Full sheets measure 40" x 80" (102 x 203 cm), and are available in a gray/charcoal color. FloTex foam sheets are available in 56" x 84" (142 x 213 cm), at thicknesses between 1/4 inch and 4 inches (6 to 102 mm). Take advantage of great savings by buying in bulk! Single sheet and bulk sheet prices are listed below.

Thickness Grade Sheets  
 Cross. Poly. 
sheet prices
(40 x 80)
(3 mm)
(6 mm)
(13 mm)
(19 mm)
(25 mm)
(38 mm)
(51 mm)
(76 mm)
(102 mm)
$23.25 $24.75 $35.55 $47.55 $59.85 $98.65 $122.85 $211.44 $277.26
EVA grade sheets
(40 x 80)
1-9 Sheets Save 20%
10-24 Sheets
Save 40%
25-99 Sheets
Save 50%
100+ Sheets
0.125"(3 mm)
$23.25 $18.60 $13.95 $11.63
0.25"(6 mm)
$24.75 $19.80 $14.85 $12.38
0.5"(13 mm)
$35.55 $28.44 $21.33 $17.77
0.75"(19 mm)
$47.55 $38.04 $28.53 $23.78
1.0"(25 mm)
$59.85 $47.88 $35.91 $29.93
1.5"(38 mm)
$98.65 $78.92 $59.19 $49.33
EVA grade sheets
(40 x 80)
1-4 Sheets Save 20%
5-9 Sheets
Save 40%
10-24 Sheets
Save 50%
25+ Sheets
2.0"(51 mm)
$122.85 $98.28 $73.71 $61.43
3.0"(76 mm)
$211.44 $169.15 $126.86 $105.72
4.0"(102 mm)
$277.26 $221.81 $166.36 $138.63
FloTex foam sheets
(56 x 84)
1-9 Sheets Save 20%
10-19 Sheets
Save 40%
20-24 Sheets
Save 50%
25+ Sheets
0.25"(6 mm)
$38.72 $30.98 $23.23 $19.36
0.5"(13 mm)
$77.44 $61.95 $46.46 $38.72
0.75"(19 mm)
$116.16 $92.93 $69.70 $58.08
1.0"(25 mm)
$154.88 $123.90 $92.93 $77.44
1.5"(38 mm)
$232.32 $185.86 $139.39 $116.16
FloTex foam sheets
(56 x 84)
1-4 Sheets Save 20%
5-9 Sheets
Save 40%
10-19 Sheets
Save 50%
20+ Sheets
2.0"(51 mm)
$309.76 $247.81 $185.86 $154.88
3.0"(76 mm)
$464.64 $371.71 $278.78 $232.32
4.0"(102 mm)
$619.52 $495.62 $371.71 $309.76

Important shipping note: 2", 3", and 4" sheets need to be cut to pieces no larger than four square feet (i.e. 24" x 24"), or shipping charges may be much higher than estimated in the shopping cart. Ship to a commercial address and save $$.


Volara - Closed Cell Foam by the Yard
Ideal for hot tub covers, acoustic insulation and more. Volara's squishy texture allows rolling for easy shipping. Volara comes in a white or a charcoal color. Currently only the 1/4 inch thickness is available in both colors, but charcoal can be ordered in other thicknesses by special arrangement. This product comes on a roll 60 inches (152 cm) wide and is sold by continuous whole yards (91 cm) only.

Thickness Color Yards  
White VolaraPrice per yardMax. yards/roll
  0.125"(3 mm)  
$7.45200 yards  (182.9 m)
  0.25"(6 mm)  
$10.60100 yards   (91.4 m)
  0.5"(13 mm)  
$25.45 50 yards   (45.7 m)
Charcoal VolaraPrice per yardMax. yards/roll
  0.25"(6 mm)  
$10.60100 yards   (91.4 m)

Closed Cell Foam by the Yard
Crosslinked Polyethylene may be purchased by the yard, in 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, or 1/2 inch thicknesses. This foam is harder than Volara. Whole yards (91 cm) ONLY are cut from the roll, which has a width of 60 inches (152 cm). Note that the 1/8 inch thickness is not stocked.

Thickness Yards  
Cross. Poly.Price per yardMax. yards/roll
  0.125"(0.3 cm)  
$8.85200 yards  (182.9 m)
  0.25"(0.6 cm)  
$12.70100 yards   (91.4 m)
  0.5"(1.3 cm)  
$25.45 50 yards   (45.7 m)

Custom Cut Closed Cell Foam

We cut the following shapes...
Please click on the shape below that closest resembles what you would like to order. Next you will be asked to enter in the dimensions, and after that you will be given a price quote on a range of qualities. If you have a shape not shown here, please fax us a diagram for a quote.

Due to the nature of this specialized foam, custom sizes can take anywhere from 3-90 days to ship.



Clearance Closed Cell Foam
See our clearance section for extra closed cell foam items that we have in stock. These are simply extra, pre-cut pieces we have priced to move. The same warranty and return policies apply to these pieces as any other custom cut closed cell foam. In particular, because these items are offered at greatly reduced prices, a 25% restocking fee will apply to any return of a clearance item.®
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