Product Warranty Information

Our warranty is “limited” to the time period and failures described below. These warranties apply to website orders only.

Save Your Receipts

You must have your receipt in order to make any warranty claims. Your receipt is the packing slip that comes with your shipment.

CAUTION! Foam Can Catch Fire

While our mattresses are covered with fire barriers, our raw foam is extremely flammable. It will burn if exposed to sufficient heat.

New Foam Smell

Like a new car, foam has its own “new foam” smell. It will reduce with time, but can take from six to nine weeks to fully dissipate. Sensitive sniffers usually don’t like the smell of foam. I recommend you order a sample if you are sensitive.

Accuracy Level

All custom cut foams are accurate to 1/4" (0.64 cm) unless otherwise stated. We do our best to prevent problems by inspecting each piece before shipping. Compressed foam will arrive much smaller than what you have ordered. It takes up to seven days for some of the cheaper foams to completely recover and return to their original size after you have opened your shipment.

Accounts Receivable Debits/Credits

In the event that there is a balance of $40 or less on your account, you have 90 days from the date of a transaction to follow-up and request your credit. This amount will be removed from your account after 90 days. The credit can be the result of administrative errors, and due to the amount of time it takes to research and amend such miscalculations, credits of less than $40 will be erased after this 90 days.

Mattresses and Toppers

Latex Toppers—15 year limited warranty
Our latex toppers are warranted not to form depressions in excess of 1/2". The limited warranty does not cover: mold, smells, softening, and drying out and crumbing of the latex.

Latex Mattress—20 year Limited Warranty
We cut each latex layer flat before building our mattress. Our mattress is warranted to be free from defects. Things such as zipper breaking and stitching breaks that result in mattress case failure are all covered for 20 years. Our limited warranty covers depressions in excess of 1". Mold, smells, softening, indentations less than 1", and drying out of the latex are not covered. After 10 years the warranty becomes prorated.

Memory Foam Mattresses
Deluxe and Classic Memory Foam mattresses include a 10-year limited warranty against forming permanent indentations of 1" or greater. After 5 years the warranty becomes prorated.

5-lb Memory Foam (PostureSense) Toppers
Our 5-lb memory foam topper includes a 10-year Limited Warranty against permanent indentations of 1" or more that are not caused by failure of underlying components (i.e. sagging mattress, improper foundation) or misuse. Warranty is prorated after 5 years.

Egg Crate Foam Toppers (C30), Memory Foam Toppers (2.5-lb, 3.0-lb and 4.0-lb)
These toppers have a 3-year Limited Warranty against permanent indentations of 1" or more that are not caused by failure of underlying components (i.e. sagging mattress, improper foundation) or misuse.

EverFlex toppers
These are warranted not to soften more than 10% or form permanent dents for 15 years. If you think yours has softened simply press down on a spot of the foam that doesn’t get much use (such as near your head) and compare the resistance with a high-use spot (such as in the middle of where your body normally rests). If you can tell a difference of at least 10% in firmness, you probably have a valid claim.

Larkspur, EverFlex, DuraFlex foam mattresses
We describe a failure as softening or a depression forming. If a failure occurs before 50% of the warranty period has expired you will receive 100% credit and after that time period the credit is prorated. Additionally, we will only cover the shipping charges for any depressions that exceed one inch. If your mattress softens or the depression is less than one inch, you may still request a replacement piece, but you’ll have to pay the shipping charges. If you do not want to pay shipping to return your failed foam you may have 75% of the available warranty credit amount you are entitled to. You may only use this credit towards a replacement mattress.

EconoFlex and Eco Memory Foam Mattresses
EconoFlex and Eco Memory Foam Mattresses are expected to last approximately 3 years with normal use. For a longer-lasting mattress we suggest one of the mattresses above. These mattresses are warranted for 1 year against manufacturing defects only.

Custom Cut Cushion Foam

Always buy the quality of foam based on how often you will use the cushion. Cushions that are used a few hours a day require the best grades of foam like EverFlex, Latex, 5-lb memory foam, or outdoor foams. All foams will gradually soften with use; the better quality foams soften slower. If you feel your cushion has softened prematurely we can offer you a better quality foam at a discount.

Y33/Random quality foam
Since this foam can shrink during shipping, it is best for uses that don’t require exact measurements. This foam may be permanently compressed/deformed from shipping.

Bed Frames, Platform Bed Frames and Metal Frames, Foundations, and All Furniture Items (Lamps, Benches, Dressers, Screens, etc.)

Furniture is warranted to be free from defects for a period of one year. Assembly errors and misuse will void the warranty. Bolts may need to be retightened and should be inspected periodically. Floor supports may shift and fail from use such as sliding and shaking—keep an eye on them.

When signing for receipt of shipment please note any damage to boxes on the paperwork, no matter how slight. (Make the driver wait while you carefully inspect. It doesn’t matter how much of a rush the driver is in.) Accept the shipment, and if any parts are damaged we’ll replace the damaged parts. This is much faster than replacing an entire bed frame. Keep the damaged items, original boxes, and packing since we may need these to file a claim. (Note: because you must inspect furniture at the time of delivery, you cannot use our UPS Waiver of Signature Form for bed frame or other furniture deliveries shipped by commercial trucking carriers.)

Folding Beds, Folding Mats, Bi- and Tri-fold Futons

We warranty the craftsmanship of the sewn outer cases for three years to be free from defects or breakage. We vacuum compression pack these items for shipping to save you on shipping expenses. Custom size tri-fold and bi-fold cases are not returnable.

Mattress and Topper Cases

Mattress cases are warranted to function properly through the warranty period of the mattress. Topper cases are warranted for one year to be free from defect. There are no refunds or free replacements for shrunken covers from washing if prewash service wasn’t ordered. Follow the care instructions on the law label.

Custom Sewn Covers

All custom sewing is warranted for one year to be free from defect. Follow the care instructions on the law label. There are no refunds for shrunken covers.

Mattress Protectors, Mattress Pads, Bedding, Wool Pads, and Wool Toppers

We warranty the craftsmanship of our house-made organic items for three years. Non-organic products are warranted by the manufacturer, and those specifics are stated in the literature contained in their packaging.

Bed Pillows

All of our pillows are warranted for one year to be free from defect.

Pillow Stuffers

Pillows stuffers are warranted for one year to be free from defect. Measurements are accurate to 1/2" (1.3 cm). There may be a 25% restocking fee for pillow stuffers. For example: a volume order of 100 pillows would be subject to this fee while a few pillows would get a 15% restocking fee. Custom pillows are only accepted for return due to a manufacturing defect or incorrect dimensions. Pillows are measured seam to seam while flat. Their measurements will be less once the stuffing is added.

Custom Down Cushions

Down cushions are warranted to be free from defect for one year. Feather leakage is not considered a defect as the higher quality fill used will result in fewer feathers poking out. Customized down cushions and down envelopes are custom sewn products and are not returnable. If there is too much down or not enough down, we will add or remove whatever percentage you specify. Adding more down will cost proportionately more. Shipping charges are extra.

Packing Foam and Acoustic Foam

Y37ch foam and Y33 foam may shrink up to 20% from being compressed for shipping. If we don’t compress (vacuum pack) these items, customers outside of California may pay excessive shipping charges due to the larger dimensions. Contact us to discuss your options and our recommendations.

If Sonitec™ Acoustic Foam is shipped, it needs to be opened immediately and laid out flat in order to retain its original shape.

We offer six colors of acoustic foam: white, charcoal, gray, pink, blue, and dark gray, depending on the type of foam selected. Some colors may fade over time and become brownish. This is not something we warranty. Only the charcoal (3002ch foam) and dark gray Sonitec™ colors are warranted not to fade.

There are no returns allowed for these foams, with the following exception: sound insulation may be returned within 30 days. There is a 25% restocking fee. The 2-lb/ft³ ester sound insulation is accurate to 1/2" (1.3 cm). The 1.2-lb/ft³ sound insulation is accurate to 2" (5 cm).