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At FoamOrder, we believe that any time is the right time to create or restore an outdoor space, and we know that having comfortable outdoor furniture is the most important step in crafting a desirable space. When you use outdoor space effectively, you expand your home’s usable space and allow your family to enjoy more activities like summer barbecues and outdoor gatherings. With our wide selection of customizable outdoor foam and fabrics, you might forget you’ve even left the house!

We have a variety of outdoor foam offerings, including waterproof outdoor mattresses, replacement outdoor foam for patio cushions and custom-cut outdoor foam.

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Replacement Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Traditionally, companies have manufactured outdoor cushions using polyester pillow fiber because it is a cheap, albeit low-quality, product. Much like old bed pillows, this material flattens quickly.

If your cushions are beginning to compress or sag, it might be time to consider replacements. Our outdoor cushion foam comes in three firmness choices (soft, medium and firm) and is a high-quality and comfortable upgrade from polyester fiber that will last much longer and maintain its shape better.

Using our custom replacement cushion tool, FoamOrder walks you through every step of replacement cushion ordering. We include videos and tutorials on how to:

Step 1 Measure your cushions properly (see how)

Step 2 Pick the right cushion shape (including custom shapes or using your own pattern)

Step 3 Request custom cushion shapes or patterns

Step 4 Select the right foam type and firmness

Step 5 Order fabric covers for your replacement cushions (optional)

Step 4 Select the right foam type and firmness

Step 5 Order fabric covers for your replacement cushions (optional)

Simply start by selecting a cushion shape, and we’ll walk you through the ordering process from beginning to end.

“I had a piece of foam custom cut for my outdoor loveseat... I put the foam under the existing cushion and now it’s perfect.”
—Michele, Oakland CA

Get Started Now: Choose Your Foam Shape

FoamOrder offers outdoor cushion foam in over 30 different shapes that can be ordered to your exact measurements and specifications. Select your desired shape, dimensions and quantity for accurate price estimates for our range of grades, from soft to firm. You will also have the option to wrap cushions in polyester Dacron batting to round out the edges and fill covers better, or to cover the cushions with one of our UV-resistant fabrics, featuring Sunbrella®. If you have a favorite outdoor-friendly fabric, you can even send it to our expert tailors.

Our solid outdoor foam pieces can measure a maximum of 59 inches (150 centimeters) wide by 79 inches long without a seam. Pieces larger than this will be bonded together, resulting in a seam. To avoid a visible or noticeable seam, wrap your cushion in Dacron.

Why Choose Outdoor Foam?

Compared to old-school polyester pillow fiber, our high-density polyurethane outdoor foam performs better long term and can be ordered in varying firmness. In addition to its customizability, ordering outdoor foam from FoamOrder has a number of key benefits:


Our open cell outdoor foam is porous, which means it allows water to pass right through it, preventing it from becoming waterlogged and prone to mold and mildew. When the product gets wet, you can drain it by simply turning it on its side and waiting for water to flow out. After just a few hours in the sun, your cushions will be dry and ready to lounge on again.


Outdoor foam is one of the highest quality types of foam that we offer, so you can expect a long life for your cushions. This is because our foam has a very high density at 1.8 lb/ft3, helping it keep its shape for years. In contrast, cheap patio furniture made from inferior foam or polyester may look and feel good at first, but may quickly flatten.

UV-Resistant Fabric Offerings

A durable cushion is nothing without an equally tough outdoor-safe cover to protect it from rain and direct sunlight. FoamOrder offers fabrics suitable for the outdoors, including Sunbrella® and Marine-grade vinyl. We have in-house tailors who sew cover fabrics both inside and out to ensure they don’t unravel when cleaned.

Rules For Purchasing Outdoor Foam Cushions

Know What You Need

Outdoor foam is perfect for furniture that will be left outside rain or shine. If you’re planning to store cushions indoors between uses, you might not need high-Check waterproof foam. If that’s the case, consider trying conventional foams or natural foam, which is naturally mildew resistant. To make these types of foam more outdoor-friendly, adhere a polyester Dacron wrap to the foam to improve airflow.

Be a Savvy Buyer

In addition to choosing your grade of foam, you will have the option to wrap your cushion in dacron, giving your cushion a fuller look. If you want a more modern-looking flat pillow and decide against wrapping, order your foam at least a quarter-inch thicker than its cover’s boxing to prevent wrinkles on the cover. We will walk you through the steps to ensure your foam is sized just right.

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