Custom Cushions

Measuring is not what you think.
Find out how to properly measure and order your foam.

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Cylinders longer than 12" (30 cm) take about 2 weeks to ship, since we have another supplier cut the foam.

For faster turn-around (just a few days), if we can glue-seam your cylinder in 12" sections, we may be able to cut it in-house. If you'd like the faster, seamed option add a note to your shopping cart beneath the cylinder: "ok to seam".

This shape is half of a circle. Its width (diameter) should be twice its length (radius).

If you measure your shape and find that the length (radius) is longer than half the width (diameter), try the "Pattern Shape" shape instead.

If your shape is not an exact semicircle (not exactly half of a circle, or part of an ellipse), use the "Pattern Shape" to send us your own pattern.

  • You may enter dimensions in INCHES or CENTIMETERS.
    Select the unit of measurement above the shape.
  • All dimensions will be rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch
    (approximately 0.32 cm).


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