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Custom & Replacement Patio Cushions


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The sun on your shoulders or the light breeze on a summer evening feels even more enticing when accompanied by comfortable, clean patio furniture. FoamOrder can create custom cushions for new patio furniture or for older seats and chaise lounges that need a replacement cushion.

Our cushions are made out of high-quality open-cell outdoor foam that will withstand the elements and last for decades. And, we offer three firmness options for maximum comfort — Soft, Medium, and Firm Outdoor Foam.

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Select a shape below to get started with your order, or call FoamOrder to order cushions tailored to the needs of your patio. We offer a range of shapes and foam types. You can also send a pattern of the shape you need, and our foam experts will help you through the process. We offer expertly sewn cushion cover choices like Sunbrella™, Robert Allen, Greenhouse and others, providing durable upholstery covers for high-use needs.

Benefits of our Patio Cushions

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Long-Lasting Foam

Our high-quality Outdoor foam cushions last around 15 years, providing long-term comfort for members of your family. With three firmness options ranging from soft to firm, this foam offers a durable seating solution.

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Improved Comfort

Allow your family to enjoy your patio with our comfortable, sturdy cushions. The high-quality foam and cushion covers can be adapted to fit any patio or outdoor space.

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American-Made Cushions

Our foam is made in the USA, along with our custom covers produced by California-based seamstresses. Our experts help you measure, select the right foam type and walk you through the ordering process to ensure a smooth patio cushion replacement.

Which materials are best for patio furniture?

Best Materials for Patio Furniture

Patio furniture must be able to withstand all elements — rain, snow, and sun. When looking for cushions, you may notice that many factories use polyester pillow fiber for their outdoor cushions. Although polyester fiber is inexpensive, it becomes compressed and distorted in a short time. It is lighter and more prone to softening.

In recent years, a new, better foam material has proven superior — outdoor polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is resilient and durable. It has porous properties which let water flow through it, thus reducing latent water and moisture, as well as mildew and mold. With this type of foam, the cushions on your outdoor swing, seats, chairs, and other patio furniture will stay plush and comfortable no matter what. At FoamOrder, we choose only the best materials for our foam and covers, including Sunbrella™ fabrics.

Learn more about the qualities of FoamOrder’s top-quality foam below.

How to Choose Your Custom & Replacement Patio Cushions

FoamOrder cushions are made with the highest quality materials. We build our custom and replacement patio cushions to last using high-resilient, comfortable open-cell outdoor foam. We also offer polyester batting around your cushions to give them the look and feel of maximum comfort. The ideal material for your patio cushions depends on how you plan to use your patio seating.

If your patio furniture will be covered from the elements and not directly exposed to sunlight or moisture, you can choose conventional foam or Nature Pure 100% natural foam. For most outdoor applications where the cushions will be exposed to moisture, we recommend our high-quality outdoor foam, since it allows moisture to quickly exit the cushion.

After selecting your ideal foam material, it’s time to settle on a fabric. FoamOrder provides strong, beautiful cushion covers for your patio furniture, including beautiful Sunbrella™ fabrics. We offer and recommend overlock stitching, which improves the finish of your cushion covers and reduces fraying.

If the cushions on your patio swing or chair will be in the direct sunlight or rain, you’ll need a fabric that can withstand all types of weather. Sunbrella™ and Marine grade vinyl are some of the best fabric materials. Their colorful fabrics can match your existing home decor, and the colors will look vibrant even after years of use.

FoamOrder can take care of all your custom and replacement patio cushion needs. Order your patio cushions today.

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