Camping Mats & Folding Mats

Folding Foam Camping Mats
Our tri-folding foam mats are awesome for guests, children, as a camping mat, and so much more. Approximately 4 inches thick and covered with poly/cotton fabric, these folding camping mats are easy to fold 'n' store underneath your bed or in any closet, even in the back of a truck while camping! Click a size to see the available colors. The foam inside these tri-folding foam mats consists of fine grade folding C33 foam and has a pretty-firm comfort level. The camping mat C33 foam is rated to last 5 years under alternating use (such as recreational camping). We have even longer-lasting grades of folding foam mats available for everyday use, so you may want to consider an upgrade to a better folding foam now or in the future. Either way, save the cover if the folding foam needs upgrading. We will even recycle the folding foam once you have taken it camping for the last time. To upgrade now, choose "The Fully Customized Folding Tri-fold" option in the sections below this one. From that point, you can choose the folding foam mat quality and firmness that will best suit your needs. If you plan on only taking it on camping trips, consider the qualities here.

Our standard folding tri-fold mats come in these sizes:

Small Camping Mat (29x75):   $98.85
Medium Camping Mat (39x75):   $128.85
Large Camping Mat (54x75):   $158.85

Portable Folding Tri-Fold Foam Mat

Upgrade and Customized folding mats...

Bi-Folding Folding Mat. Get space, camping mat comfort, and width from these folding 60" x 80" bi-fold mats. These mats fold side-to-side like a book, measuring 60" wide by 80" long when opened (152 x 203 cm) — perfect for a camper or the back of a car for camping. While folded, they measure 30" x 80" (76 x 203 cm). Please select a camping mat thickness, and on the next page you can choose a color for the camping mats. You may also mail in your own camping mat fabric for a custom folding camping mat look.


Choose your own camping mat measurements
If you prefer to enter your camping mats own dimensions then click one of the images to the right... »

Tri-Fold Folding Foam Mat    « Pick your thickness
How lavish do you prefer your folding mat? Here you can choose your own camping mat thickness, folding foam type, size, and color of your folding tri-fold! This means if space is an issue while camping, you can slim it down. If your camping vehicle has plenty of room, you can boost it up! Enter in all your camping mats preferences and we'll give you a price quote. (Also note, we regularly stock 3.5"–4" thick mats, cases, and camping mat foam, so these will ship the fastest.)

Size (Width x Length): Thickness:

The Fully Customized Folding Tri-Fold Mats    « Design your own folding tri-fold!
Indicate all mats specifications, select a mats fabric, and choose from many folding foam densities to create your own unique folding tri-fold camping mat! Remember, we can sew the camping mats case from fabric you provide, so you can camp in style!

Simply enter your mats dimensions when it is folded out and lying horizontal. Keep in mind the camping mats thickness will triple when folded. Click "Price Quote," and prices for various folding foams and camping mat fabric choices will be shown.

Minimum and maximum dimensions:
36 - 120 in
18 - 120 in
1 - 24 in
(91.4 - 304.8 cm)
(45.7 - 304.8 cm)
(2.5 - 61 cm)
  • Fill in all dimensions for a tri-fold price quote.
  • You may enter tri fold dimensions in INCHES or CENTIMETERS. Select the unit of measurement above the shape.
  • All dimensions will be rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch (approximately 0.32 cm).
Please choose unit 
of measurement:

The three sections of this folding tri-fold will all be of equal length. If you want to specify different lengths for the three folding sections, click here.
Tri Fold Futon

Closed Cell Mats
Searching for a closed cell waterproof camping mat or exercise or yoga mat? Check out our closed cell foam product line for camping mat solutions you'll love to take camping!