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Dec 18, 2015

Great job from all aspects.


Jan 17, 2011

I just wanted to give some feedback on my custom foam mattress and cover that I received last week. Initially I was very concerned about custom ordering a fairly expensive product like that with no idea how it would turn out or way to return it. I needed this mattress for my son’s very tiny 9 x 10 room so that he could fold it up and save space when not in use. But I could not find another vendor that custom made foam mattresses like your that was durable enough for everyday use.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the products. Once I put the foam inside the cover, everything fit together well and the cover was sewn PERFECTLY to fit. So, it is most definitely worth me taking the time to give you the feedback so you are aware you have a happy customer that will gladly recommend your products to friends. AND I got a discount using the RECESSION09 promotion, which was also greatly appreciated. Thanks for your quality product and service.!


Jul 9, 2013

Despite exercising regularly and using an inversion table, I have nonetheless suffered from back pain most of my adult life. Getting more than 1 1/2 - 2 hours of continuous sleep per night became a rarity for me. But that was BEFORE my memory foam mattress arrived!

I am now sleeping soundly for 4 hours straight--only awakening an average of once per eight hour sleep cycle. While that might not seem like any big deal for most folks, it was a virtual miracle in my life.

Thank you foamorder.com for providing my miracle at such an affordable price. I couldn't be any happier with my purchase!

Los Angeles, CA

Dec 21, 2009

Just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with my Foam Order mattress. I am having the best sleep of my life... literally. My mattress is the 6 inch of very firm #45 foam. I wake up with less stuffiness from my allergy to dust and my back is loose and ready for the day! I am telling all my friends who got memory foam products even though they have bad backs and now are miserable because of lack of support. Your foam gives great support and with the cotton quilted cover is not too firm for my wife. Perfect solution. We are both sleeping very well. Thanks again.

Fort Collins CO


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