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Jan 26, 2014

I ordered a new seat cushion for quite an old mini-wing chair. I spent the time before it came convinced it wouldn't fit, that the measuring was too hard, that it was all a mistake.

It wasn't easy to stuff the new pillow into the slipcover, because it was a perfect fit. We're now eying other things around the house and will definitely return.

New Paltz NY

Jan 30, 2007

I just received my seat wedge pillow and it fits my car seat perfectly! You are the only one I could find that made one in the right size. Everybody else's was too large & wide for a car seat, and others were not rigid foam. I was so excited when I got my new SAAB convertible, but disappointed that the deep bucket seats bothered my back. I envisioned a wedge that fit in the "bucket" to fill it in, and your measurements were just right. Thanks for sending it promptly...I might just need another one for the passenger seat! Thanks!

Temecula, CA

Jul 5, 2013

I've had nothing but positive experiences here. I have had custom pillows made to revive an old sofa, purchased 2 beautiful teak benches, and a bed frame. Folks have only been friendly, helpful and professional

San Francisco

Sep 1, 2006

We have several 100% Natural Latex pillows, and they are great. The soft ones are better for my head and neck, while the medium/firm ones work great as body pillows for both my wife and I. We really enjoy the peace of mind that we're sleeping with all-natural products. Especially now that we're sharing our bed with our baby boy.

Portland, OR