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Nov 20, 2015

Thank you so much Vicky! The bed arrived yesterday afternoon as promised!

And Murphy Bed Depot came Wednesday and installed the Next Bed Frame...we're

all set! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to everyone for their assistance!

St. Augustine FL

Sep 6, 2012

I had low expectations after checking out the recent reviews here but we had to get a foam/memory foam mattress and there really isn't anywhere else in SF to go for those so again, I walked in not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised that Robert came over and spent a lot of time with us explaining the different firmness levels as well as a few good things to know about the beds and chemicals and basically answering any questions we could come up with. We found the firmness we liked (5" of 54 firmness foam with a 3" memory foam topper) and he then showed us how to order it off their website (in the store) so that it was a complete mattress which ends up being much cheaper than if you order just those two pieces alone. Also there is a great warranty on the full mattress. When we were done he said the mattress would be ready in a little over a week and we were crestfallen. We've been on an air mattress since the beginning of the month and were getting sore and not sleeping well. He said he could ask for a "rush" on the mattress and that would shave off a few days. So we left (on a Monday) hoping for a completed mattress on Friday. Having read the reviews here, I said to my girlfriend "well, let's see if they actually hit that date cause the Yelp reviews suggest that might not happen". THEY CALLED THE NEXT DAY AND THE MATTRESS WAS READY.

I was thrilled.

Not only that, they pack the mattress down so frickin' small. My Toyota Echo, 4-door was able to accommodate the queen size mattress bundle. Which is CRAZY. Basically we were on a new bed that night with 45 mins in the store on Monday and 20 mins picking it up on Tuesday. I should also mention that we are very happy with this mattress and are now happily looking at bed frame options.


San Francisco

Jul 9, 2013

Despite exercising regularly and using an inversion table, I have nonetheless suffered from back pain most of my adult life. Getting more than 1 1/2 - 2 hours of continuous sleep per night became a rarity for me. But that was BEFORE my memory foam mattress arrived!

I am now sleeping soundly for 4 hours straight--only awakening an average of once per eight hour sleep cycle. While that might not seem like any big deal for most folks, it was a virtual miracle in my life.

Thank you foamorder.com for providing my miracle at such an affordable price. I couldn't be any happier with my purchase!

Los Angeles, CA

Oct 16, 2009

e bought a teak bed and a memory foam mattress. Mattress was a return, with a huge price reduction which meant it cost the same as Costco's version but was much thicker. Very comfortable, we love it. The first bed they delivered had a poor fitting joint , they took it back without complaint and brought us another the following week. In addition, Mike (the owner?) was super helpful and allowed our toddlers to run around the shop with his kids. All around great experience.



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