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Feb 14, 2016

After months of researching materials and lying on mattresses, I finally decided on a firm foam base with a firm latex topper. I called Foam Order, talked to Lisa, explained what I was after and she suggested the extra firm topper instead. I was reluctant. I knew my ILDs (firmness ratings). So did she. While I thought they were equal, she knew that they weren't. "Apples to oranges" she'd say about comparing firmnesses of foam to latex. Deciding she was the expert, I went with her suggestion, extra firm. I'm glad I did. She was right. I want firm, springy and supportive. What I want is the bed that I got and the bed that I got I got because I listened to Lisa. Btw, did I mention she was the cheapest of all the suppliers I found? She was. I got nothing but praise and appreciation for this woman and her company. Well done.

Altadena, CA

Nov 23, 2005

Matress pads really assist my family with sleeping disorders.

Staying awake all nite is a thing of the very recent past.

Everyone should buy 1.

Love the service dept of foamorder.com and plan on buying a double size pad sometime soon.

Understanding the pressure points on the human body helps solve everything.

Prior to owning an occasional mattress pad everything I tried really didn't help.


Jan 16, 2006

I have tried memory foam in the past and found it to be very hot when I Sleep on it. I have heard from other customer that they has the same experience. Tempur-pedic claims to have solved this problem but judging from the comments I have seen online this is not true.


Sep 28, 2005


Just wondering if anyone has had the experience of a memory foam pad that smelled? We got one about 1 1/2 months ago and it still smells. It was really bad when we first opened the package. We aired it out and thought it would go away, but it is still there. Not as bad as it first was, but stll there. Any idea what this is all about? Am wondering if it is bad for our health? F



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