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Sep 19, 2017

Hi Perry. Please do me a favor:

If you can track down every person who had a hand in

creating this order for us, PLEASE tell each one of them


My wife and I have seldom seen such perfect work!!!!!

She is thrilled with every detail in her new mattress.

And I am about to place an order with you for a mattress

of my own.

Thanks a million to everyone at FoamOrder!!!!!



Jul 31, 2017

I received my order, and I must say, they are awesome cushions! My first order was from a different company and the cushions were super hard. I called that company to express my dissatisfaction, but they only carry one type of outdoor cushion…rock like. Live and learn. The difference in quality is remarkable, and I am happy to have found your company.


Aug 9, 2017

I received my foam patio cushion order a few weeks ago but just opened it tonight after refinishing my patio furniture. I love the cushions! They are twice as thick as the original one so now I look forward to spending more time outdoors. THANK YOU, they are PERFECT!


Jun 23, 2017

I wanted to let you know that I received the foam cushions yesterday and they are perfect? I was able to slip them into the cushion covers with not problem, the fit was right on and they feel great sitting on. I already pitched the old cushions. Thanks very much for such great service and product!



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