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The concept driving the Teen Trends line is style surrounding functionality. This collection has the modern teen's bedroom in mind with space-saving designs and contemporary themes which reflect the updated style. Each commercial-grade quality piece is constructed from heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel. In addition, each piece comes with changeable color drawer panels to allow for a variety of colors. The primary color panels feature: Navy, Red, Dark Sage, Orange, and White. Also see the Teen Bed, which matches this furniture.

Teen Furniture - Teen Full Loft Study Bunk
The Teen Full Loft Study Bunk is the ultimate in durability, functionality, and just plain cool design. It's a complete youth bedroom in the space of a full size bed! This versatile loft bunk includes a full size upper bunk and a study desk unit underneath. The desk is set up to handle computers or video games with pull-out keyboard tray, hanging shelves and CD racks. Made from industrial strength powder coated square tube, barstock and sheet steel in a silver finish with inset laminated top panel. An upbeat, cool look that's not just for school anymore.

The Primary Colors study bunk includes changeable Navy, White, and two (2) Orange small panels. Desk includes changeable Navy and Orange large panels. It holds a standard full size mattress, which can be purchased separately. The Steel Plate design study bunk holds a standard twin size mattress, also purchased separately. These beds require some assembly.

We have many more bunk beds in our Bunk Bed section.

  Color Qty.
Full Study Loft Bunk:   $849.00   Primary     
Twin Study Loft Bunk:   $630.00   Steel Plate     
Twin/Full Bunk Beds:   $563.00   Steel Plate     
Full Study Loft bunk bed
80" x 58" x 72.25" H
Twin Study Loft bunk bed
80" x 42" x 72.25" H
Twin/Full bunk beds
79.75" x 56" x 59.75" H
(203 x 147 x 184 cm)
(203 x 107 x 184 cm)
(203 x 142 x 151 cm)


Full and Twin size loft bunk beds
with built-in study desks

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Twin/Full Bunk Bed
Enlarge image


Teen 4-Drawer Dresser
The Teen 4-Drawer Dresser will tastefully organize your belongings and accent your room with color! Dresser features four big drawers with full-extension runners for easy access, even to the back. Its clever design allows you to put multiple units side-by-side for expandable storage. The Primary Color dresser comes with a full set of five color panels: Navy, Red, Dark Sage, Orange, and White. Some assembly required.

  Color Qty.
4-Drawer Dresser:   $418.00   Primary     
4-Drawer Chest:   $418.00   Steel Plate     
10-Drawer Mechanics Chest:   $690.00   Steel Plate     
4-Drawer Dresser (Primary)
24" x 19" x 31.75" H
4-Drawer Chest (Steel Plate)
23.75" x 19" x 36" H
10-Drawer Mechanics Chest
34.5" x 19" x 44" H
(61 x 48 x 81 cm)
(60 x 48 x 91 cm)
(88 x 48 x 112 cm)

4-Drawer Dresser and 4-Drawer Chest
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10-Drawer Mechanics Chest
Enlarge image


More Teen Bedroom Furniture

Teen Media Console
The Teen Media Console will clean up electronic clutter! It has enough storage space for your TV, DVD player, VCR, game systems, and more. The dual-drawer setup will hold all your DVD, VCR, and video game media, and comes with four primary color panels. It comes with locking casters for mobility. Some assembly required.

  Color Qty.
Media Console:   $368.88   Primary     
Mobile Storage Unit:   $645.00   Steel Plate     
Media console
47.25" x 19" x 20.75" H
Mobile storage unit
46.75" x 19" x 36"
(120 x 48 x 53 cm)
(119 x 48 x 91 cm)

Media Console in Primary
Enlarge image


Mobile Storage Unit
Enlarge image


Teen Nightstand
The Teen Nightstand is the perfect companion to the Teen Twin Bed. The Primary Color nightstand's 2-shelf/1-drawer design, and the Steel Plate nightstand's deep 1-shelf/1-drawer design, provides ample room for storage. It will accommodate a clock radio, phone, and lots more in the full-extension drawer and on the shelves. The Primary Color nightstand comes with changeable Navy and Dark Sage drawer front panels. Assembly required for top, drawer handles, and feet.

  Color Qty.
Teen Nightstand:   $238.88   Primary     
Teen Nightstand:   $225.80   Steel Plate     
Nightstand (Primary colors)
24" x 19" x 25.25" H
Nightstand (Steel Plate design)
23.75" x 19" x 29" H
(61 x 48 x 64 cm)
(60 x 48 x 74 cm)

Teen Nightstand in Primary Colors (left)
and Steel Plate design (right)

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Teen Desk
The Teen Desk can help your student tackle those daily homework woes! The slide-out keyboard tray conveniently stows away for extra desktop workspace, while the three drawer design holds all their important documents and supplies. The Primary Colors desk comes with a full set of five color panels (Navy, Red, Dark Sage, Orange, and White) to allow for a variety of color arrangements. Desk requires assembly.

  Color Qty.
Teen Desk:   $488.88   Primary     
Computer Desk:   $526.00   Steel Plate     
Desk Hutch:   $162.50   Steel Plate     
Swivel Desk Arm Chair:   $175.00     
Swivel Desk Chair:   $175.00     
Teen Desk (Primary colors)
52" x 21" x 30.25" H
(132 x 53 x 77 cm)
Computer Desk
47.5" x 21" x 36.5" H
(121 x 53 x 93 cm)
48" x 12" x 32.5" H
(122 x 30 x 83 cm)
Swivel Desk Arm Chair
23.25" x 22.75" x 32.75" (to 36.25") H
(59 x 58 x 83 to 92 cm)
Adjustable seat height: 16.75" to 20"
(43 to 51 cm)
Swivel Desk Chair
15.75" x 20" x 31.5" (to 36.5") H
(40 x 51 x 80 to 93 cm)
Adjustable seat height: 18" to 21.25"
(46 to 54 cm)

The Teen Desk in Primary colors and the
Computer Desk in Steel Plate design

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Swivel Desk Arm Chair
and Swivel Desk Chair

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Teen Storage Locker
The Teen Storage Locker is perfect for organizing clothes and other essentials, while still exhibiting a youthful passion for sport! It can be bunched and has a removable hanger rod and adjustable shelf included. Three color versions are available. 18" x 19.75" x 51" tall (46 x 50 x 130 cm).

  Color Qty.
Storage Locker:   $188.88 Red   
Storage Locker:   $188.88 Orange   
Storage Locker:   $188.88 Navy Blue   

Teen Storage Locker (3 colors available)
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Teen Rolling Cube Bench
The Teen Rolling Cube Bench is an excellent way to combine storage with functionality. This unique mobile storage bench features a white PVC cushion on one side, while the flip side has a writing surface covering a storage area below. The frame is set on industrial casters for mobility. It comes with two white panels and two orange panels. No assembly required.

  Color Qty.
Rolling Cube Bench:   $158.88   Primary     
2-Drawer Mobile Bench:   $173.25   Steel Plate     
4-Drawer Mobile Bench:   $348.75   Steel Plate     
Rolling Cube Bench
18" x 18" x 16" H
2-Drawer Mobile Bench
17" x 14" x 18" H
4-Drawer Mobile Bench
33.5" x 17" x 20" H
(46 x 46 x 41 cm)
(43 x 36 x 46 cm)
(85 x 43 x 51 cm)

Rolling Cube Bench, 2-Drawer Mobile Bench
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4-Drawer Mobile Bench
Enlarge image


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