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Neck Roll


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The neck roll pillows that we make come in a variety of materials. We make a polyester, down, kapok, latex, and memory foam filled neck roll. In addition, we even make a custom size neck roll.

Poly Neck Roll, 9×22

Poly Neck Roll
Poly Neck Roll

This neck roll is filled with polyester stuffing. It actually is an insert as it is supposed to be used with a decorative case. (You can choose a decorative case if you fill in the custom neck roll sizes below.)

Memory Foam Neck Roll

Memory Foam Neck Roll
Memory Foam Neck Roll

Use this neck roll behind your neck, between your knees, in the car, or backpacking around the world. You'll find it easily squishes into backpacks and provides soothing support for long airplane or bus rides.

Shredded Natural Latex Neck Roll Pillow

Neck Roll Pillow
Neck Roll Pillow
List Price:

Our Neck Roll with a 6" diameter and 15" length makes a perfect travel pillow. It is filled with shredded natural latex that is certified 100% natural foam. This neck roll is covered in our zippered navy travel pillow case. This comfortable natural neck roll doesn't have the chemicals found in regular foam.

Solid Latex Neck Roll Pillow

Solid Latex Neck Roll
Travel Neck Roll

Our Latex Neck Roll is a 6" diameter, 15" length travel pillow filled with a solid seamed cylinder of certified 100% natural latex foam. It is covered with a zippered navy travel pillow case that is easily removed and washed.

Custom Neck Roll


Create great neck and lower back support with a custom neck roll, designed to your measurements, with your choice of filling! Choose from polyester, soft grey duck down filling, kapok, or premium white goose down.

Enter dimensions for a price quote, and then browse through our large selection of Sunbrella and discount fabrics. Length must be between 1 and 120 inches (2.5 to 304.8 cm). Diameter must be between 4 and 120 inches (10.2 to 304.8 cm).

Note: If you are filling your own case, order your neck pillow 1 inch (2.5 cm) larger in length and in diameter than the case, in order to fill it out properly. If you are filling a really light fabric case (like silk) then only increase by 1/2".

Foam Neck Roll


Fill in the dimensions displayed here and you'll receive a quote for 20 different types of foam neck roll pillows.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

The neck roll return policy varies greatly item to item. During the check out process you'll be able to read the return policy pertaining to the neck roll you are interested in buying.

Clearance Neck Roll:

Browse our clearance section for a discounted neck roll that we have in stock. These are pieces we have priced to move. Unless otherwise specified, they carry the same warranty as any other pillow. In particular, because these items are offered at greatly reduced prices, a 25% restocking fee will apply to any return of a clearance item.