Mattresses in San Rafael

San Rafael Mattresses
Located at 813 A Street in San Rafael, California usually has plenty of convenient street front metered parking. Around the corner on Dore Street is one-hour street parking without meters.

San Rafael mattress store, is one of the best places to shop for mattresses in San Rafael. We manufacture our mattresses right in the building. Our mattress store is equipped with a solar-powered manufacturing system on-site. Thank you for shopping local, our 19 employees and their families appreciate your business and support.

Our friendly sales staff will make shopping for mattresses in San Rafael a breeze. Since the family business has been around since 1950, this San Rafael mattress store is brimming with knowledge regarding your purchase. Our goal is for you to love whatever you buy from us for the life of the warranty. So feel free to contact us at any time so we can help resolve any issues.

Whether you are looking for memory foam or organic mattresses in San Rafael, we will be able to fill your need. Our San Rafael mattress store also provides one of the most extensive warranties in the industry. Our unique warranty covers softening of the mattress and any body depressions. Every other mattress company requires at least a 1 1/2" depression to form before the warranty kicks in. We also offer easy comfort exchanges, and a lenient return policy for mattresses in San Rafael. This means if you want to exchange products, you don't have to pay for shipping; instead, just drive in to our San Rafael mattress store.

Other amenities of our San Rafael mattress store include a diverse and expansive selection to help you select your perfect options. We have a variety of foam densities and toppers for you to sample combinations to create perfect comfort. The mattresses in San Rafael showrooms are split-firmness (which is always an option for home, too) to show twice as many beds as other showrooms. Our San Rafael mattress store also has toppers in a range of firmnesses and materials, so if you're trying to fix your mattress, you can test the exact product you will be purchasing on a bed that feels like yours at home to see what it will actually feel like when you take it home. (Be sure to get a good idea of how your bed at home feels before you come in to try our toppers.)

Our San Rafael mattress store is also equipped with modified table saws to cut things down to size. So if you need a custom size San Rafael mattress, no problem.

Last, but not least, is the fact that our San Rafael mattress store is not your only location option. If you don't want to buy mattresses in San Rafael but outside of it, we have other retailers that can show you our products (see our store locations page for more locations). Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact the mattress store in San Rafael at (415) 503-1188.