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What to Know Before Purchasing Volara Foam

Distinguished by its squishy texture and soft, easy-to-roll nature, Volara is commonly used for bag linings, floating-on-the-water insulation for hot tubs, acoustic insulation and more. FoamOrder offers this material in white and charcoal colors. White is available in all sizes, but charcoal is limited to 1/4-inch thickness. Other thicknesses and bulk orders are available via special arrangement. Both options come on a 60-inch (152-cm) roll and are sold only in continuous whole yards (91 cm). The foam has a density of 2.0 lbs./ft³.

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Volara Closed Cell Foam roll
Volara Closed Cell Foam roll

How to Use Volara Foam

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Insulation and Packaging

Volara’s density and thickness make for excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Its malleable nature makes it easy to work with and adaptable to almost any shape. Volara’s cushion-like surface also functions as effective packaging material for fragile items.

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Lining and Padding

From medical braces to hot tub covers, Volara provides effective padding for a range of products. The soft texture of this closed-cell foam allows it to adapt to a variety of uses.

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Volara Foam Discounts

View our clearance page to find discounts on Volara foam. Save on your foam needs with our diverse range of clearance items.