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Shoji Screen - Triple Cross Design
These attractive one-sided screens come in a 6 ft (183 cm) height and a 4 ft (122 cm) height with kickboard. Choose from four available finish colors.

    Finish color Qty.  
6 ft tall, 3 panels:   $108.80     
6 ft tall, 4 panels:   $144.80     
4 ft tall with kick-
board, 3 panels:  
4 ft tall with kick-
board, 4 panels:  
Triple Cross Shoji
Screen, 3 panels,
6 feet (183 cm) tall,
black frame finish
Triple Cross Shoji Screen
with kickboard, 4 panels,
4 feet (122 cm) tall,
mahogany frame finish




Shoji Screens - Bamboo Frame with Kickboard
These 6-foot tall (183 cm) bamboo frame Shoji Screens have either three or four 18" wide (46 cm) panels. Available in Black or Natural finish (the 4-panel Natural screen is shown here).

    Finish color Qty.  
3-panel screen:   $148.00     
4-panel screen:   $148.00     
Close up of Kickboard
Shoji Screen - Bamboo
Frame with Kickboard




Shoji Screen - Wooden Trellis design
This 5-foot tall (152 cm) Shoji Screen has four 18" wide (46 cm) panels. Available in Natural or Dark Brown finish (shown here).

    Finish color Qty.  
Wooden trellis design:   $249.00     
Wooden Trellis design
Shoji Screen



Solid Wood Room Divider
This 6-foot tall (183 cm) solid wood divider has four 18" wide (46 cm) panels, and comes in Natural finish.

    Finish color Qty.  
Solid wood divider:   $249.00 Natural   
Solid Wood Room Divider
Enlarge image




Ratan Paper Floor Screen
This elegant floor screen is available in a Java finish (as shown here) or Honey Oak finish.

Honey Oak
    Finish color Qty.  
3 panel screen:   $148.88     
Ratan Paper Floor Screen,
3 panels, Java color finish
Enlarge image



Shoji Screen - Bamboo with Coconut Roots
Add a touch of the tropical with these 3-panel or 4-panel screens. Each screen measures 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm) tall. The 3-panel screens are 54" wide (137 cm); the 4-panel screens are 72" wide (183 cm). Choose either a Natural (shown) or a Dark Brown finish.

3 panel, Natural finish:   $188.88   
3 panel, Dark Brown finish:   $188.88   
4 panel, Natural finish:   $240.00   
4 panel, Dark Brown finish:   $240.00   
Bamboo Shoji Screen
with Coconut Roots,
Natural finish
Enlarge image



Shoji Sliding Doors
Manufactured using select hard woods. These doors must be mounted to a specifically sized framed opening. They consist of sliding rails on the top and bottom that must be mounted to the framed opening. We recommend that you purchase these doors before building your frame to ensure you build the frame to the right size. Warlon paper is a tear-resistant type of translucent paper. This is valuable since the plain Shoji paper can easily tear and is not repairable. The set comes with two doors. Each door is 72" wide x 80" high (183 x 203 cm).

    Finish color Qty.  
Set of 2 doors:
(with Shoji paper)
Set of 2 doors:
(with Warlon paper)
$1,250.00 Natural   
Shoji Sliding Doors






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