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Featured comfort products:

Seat Wedge Pillow
When placed underneath your posterior, this supportive wedge creates elevation and changes the angle in your spine while driving, thus reducing back pain. Incorporating the use of EverFlex™ Rigid foam, our Seat Wedge Pillows are warranted for 3 years. Note that the taller portion of the wedge should be positioned towards the back of the seat. Wedges measure 3" high x 12" wide x 12" long (8 x 30 x 30 cm). They come with a removable cotton cover and are available in navy blue.

Price:   $21.80    

Seat Wedge Pillow



Lumbar Pillows
Lumbar pillows are small portable firm foam pillows. They provide excellent lower spinal support and reduce back pain. Take them with you in your car, to work, or to the movies and restaurants. Our lumbar pillows will help you comfortably sit without back pain. They are warranted for 15 years to hold their firmness and shape unlike competitors' products, which feel great when you buy them and later lose their firmness. Choose from a selection of colors. Shown here in black and burgundy.

Price:   $21.80      
Lumbar pillows

Back Pain Yoga Stretches
Print a free guide to useful stretches that will eliminate your back pain.

Foam Mattresses
Traditional Mattresses

Traditional spring mattresses use a combination of springs, padding, and foam. Over time, depressions will form in traditional mattresses that can cause extreme lower back pain because the mattress is no longer properly supporting the spine. It's virtually impossible to "sleep around" these mattress depressions.

Waking up in the morning with lower back pain, or even a stiff lower back, is an indication that a mattress is inadequate. Some mattress manufacturers recommend flipping their mattresses regularly in order to let the mattress "recover" or correct. This is a band-aid approach to the problem of cheap materials, bad springs, and/or cheap foam. Adding additional layers of foam to the top of a mattress (pillow top or foam mattress pads) will not repair these mattress depressions, and will also conform to the depression.

Foam used in traditional spring mattresses is often a 1.2 lb/ft3 foam, even in so-called "premium brand" mattresses. The heavier the foam, the more it will hold up over time. Make sure the padding in your next mattress is at least a 2.5 lb/ft3 foam or heavier. Try asking your salesperson at the next mattress shop. They'll have no idea and respond that it's high density.

Pillow-top mattresses frequently dip where your body rests, causing back pain. The foam, polyester, or cotton in mattress "pillow tops" and futons will compress over time. Most feel great at the start, but don't last. This is due to the density of the materials used. After they flatten, back pain will ensue. This is when manufacturers tell their customers that it's time to flip the mattress. Remember, foam that is heavier is better and won't dip.

Typically, firm mattresses support the spine better than soft mattresses. All that comfort from a soft, cozy mattress may feel great at first but after several months it's possible that back pain can set in. Recently, the extra-firm latex mattress with Diamond Quilted latex pillow top has become one of our most popular mattress models for comfort and firmness. The extra firmness reduces back pain while the Diamond Quilted case provides added contouring support and cushion, perfect for side- or back-sleepers. Let's eliminate back pain!

Reasons why you should buy foam mattresses:
  • You get the same comfort for a lot less money.
  • You can mix and match mattresses with different toppers to design your own personal comfort bed.
  • We guarantee our better foam mattresses will not form depressions for up to 15 years, avoiding the cause of back pain.*
  • We recycle our foam.
Compare Latex and Traditional Mattresses below.
Then check out our Latex Mattresses!
Sleep is a science—its quality can be measured...

By analyzing the physical pressure between the body and mattress, you can determine inconsistent pressure points that inhibit blood circulation. The Ergocheck System is a specially designed measuring pad with 684 individual pressure sensors distributed across the testing surface. As you can see in the Ergocheck results below, the Latex Foam Mattress distributes pressure more evenly than even the most expensive Innerspring Mattress. Back pain is definitely affected.

Hospital tests have shown that pressure areas registering above 32 millimeters of mercury (shown on the graphs below in blue) shut off capillary blood flow, causing muscle ache, tossing and turning, and other sleep-related discomforts. By alleviating these high-pressure areas you can enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. This contouring support can relieve back pain.

  Latex Foam Mattress - side lying


  Innerspring Mattress - side lying


  Latex Foam Mattress - back lying


  Innerspring Mattress - back lying

THE ERGOCHECK SYSTEM is made up of 684 pressure monitors distributed across the sleeping surface. Studies indicate that pressure above 32mm of mercury (indicated in blue) restrict capillary blood flow and can cause tissue damage. Latex Foam and Innerspring mattresses are contrasted here.

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